Must visit Pipe shops in San Fran??

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Jun 10, 2012
Hey guys, I'm traveling to the Bay Area next week for work, I won't have much free time but I was wondering if there are any "must see" pipe shops in the San Francisco area??



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Feb 21, 2013
I don't know, but you might want to take along some of GL Pease's San Francisco inspired

blends, Lombard and such.



May 14, 2014
Boise, ID
I'm going to San Francisco next weekend too, but for vacation! While I doubt I will be able to convince the wife to go to a pipe shop, we may have to have an unexpected "detour". :wink:



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Apr 10, 2012
I was there about a year ago for a few days. There was only one tobacconist in walking distance (for me) and they were decently stocked but not as friendly as I was hoping. However, I can say that you MUST check out The Occidental Cigar Club ( It's a fantastic place that primarily caters to cigar smokers but pipes are welcome. They've got a full bar, really comfy chairs and I met a lot of great people while I was there. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.



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May 31, 2012
One option is in North Oakland,

The Piedmont Tobacconist
It's actually owned by the guy who invented Esoterica!
I asked GLP about origins in the Ask vol. 23,

he replied...

The Esoterica Tobacciana brand was, in fact, Steve’s brainchild. He started the company in 1988, getting a boatload of samples from Germain, from which Steve, I, and a couple others, evaluated blends for inclusion in the Esoterica range. Somewhere, I still have pages and pages of notes I took during the tasting process. It was quite eye-opening. Steve later sold the brand to Mike Butera, who continues to import and distribute the range. As a point of clarification, Steve was not the proprietor of the Drucuqer store, but managed it. After the owner closed the shop, Steve moved to the Berkeley store for a while before opening his own shop, The Piedmont Tobacconist, around the corner from the old Drucquer location, and still in operation. If you’re ever in Oakland, stop by to check it out.


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Mar 3, 2014
Kennesaw, GA
I ran into this same problem back in May. I didn't find any pipe shops, but I found a few places that I picked up a tin or two. Mostly carried MacBaren, and Dunhill basics.
Some forum members told me about Telford's. It's just across the Golden Gate IF for some reason you have a car and a little more free time.
I didn't end up making it there. I was in a rented car with some colleagues that had an appointment to make back in the city. We were coming back from Napa, and we drove right by the place. I almost did the tuck-n-roll out of the car. I hear it's a great place, would have liked to have seen it.



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Jul 9, 2013
"Must visit Pipe shops in San Fran??"
It pains me to say that, but since Grant's went out of business a few years ago, there is no decent pipe shop left in San Francisco.
Do go to the places mentioned by others.
Telford's is north of San Fran and is well worth a pilgrimage. It is as much a pipe museum as it is a proper pipe shop - so much to see and admire. Say hello to Brian and Susan Telford.
The Piedmont in Oakland is also historical, and the owner Steve Richman has many stories to tell about pipes and tobacco.
The Occidental on Pine Street in San Fran is one of the few places you can have a brew and smoke. If you see a pipe smoker there, do introduce yourself. Odds are excellent it will be me or another member of the Golden Gate Pipe Club.
The Wall at the intersection of Samsone Street and Sutter Street (near Montgomery St BART stop) is where smokers gather during lunch break. While mainly cigar smokers, some pipe people may be seen there as well.
Finally, it is great fun to to load up on Greg Pease's Fog City blends and visit in San Fran the various places he named the blends after.



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Jul 9, 2013
PS: There is the Humidor on Battery Street, which has a good selection of cigars and some pipes and baccy, but not worth going out of one's way.
Years ago when it was Sherlock's Haven run by Marty Pulvers, things were different. But not now.



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Aug 14, 2012
Am not surprised to hear that there are none. It is probably because of the high rent in SF. NYC has the same problem. We have a few good stores but not nearly as many as years ago.