Movies You are Excited For?

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Dec 29, 2012
I was pretty disappointed with 90 percent of the movies that came out last year. However I think this year will be better. Really looking forward to the new Godzilla movie. Curious on what others are waiting to see.



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Nov 28, 2012
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the few I'm looking forward to. Godzilla being another one.

Also can't forget the LEGO movie. I'm super excited for that.



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Mar 5, 2013
St. Louis, MO
I'm really interested to see the new Transformers... I like the fact that it will feature Mark Wahlberg and the Dinobots. So only improvements as far as I can tell. I hope it's a stand alone film to really make it even better and I can forget the last two movies.



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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
The movies are pricey. Plus, you have to deal with those idiots on their smart phones talking/texting during the movie.
I wait until they come out on Netflix usually.
I'm interested in seeing the last installment of the Hobbit.



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Nov 25, 2012
Monuments Men looks to be good.

We just saw Lone Survivor this weekend and I would recommend it whole heatedly. AWESOME



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Aug 9, 2013
+1 terrygoldman123
I read this list and feel like an ancient mariner returned to shore. I'm really not that old, I don't think. How do people even hear about these new fangled movies? LOL



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Oct 17, 2013
I enjoy the new movies for effects and such but I still enjoy old movies. Yesterday I enjoyed watching half of "Hatari" with John Wayne and Red Buttons and the beautiful Elsa Martinelli.



Nov 28, 2013
Like Terrygoldman123, Rmason and Cosmicfolklore, I love old black and white movies too, especially ones of the Film Noir genre. That's not to say that I don't love new movies too, but B&W is an art form that is gone from cinema screens for the most part, other than the occasional quirky modern day film. It's a shame, because it was a beautiful choice of medium that I, for one, wish still existed as a viable choice in the commercial world of making movies and TV.
Being a cinematographer, I have always enjoyed shooting B&W when the opportunity arises. Most of the time, for me, it has been for the occasional commercial, or documentary film, but mostly earlier in my career. I still shoot a lot of B&W stills on 35mm film, however.
Did you know that for 30 years (1936 - 1966) there were two Academy Award categories for Best Achievement in Cinematography: one for B&W & one for Color. In 1967 they did aways with the distinction, and there was just one award for the craft, regardless of whether it was in B&W or color. Of course by that time, B&W was becoming less and less common in feature films... at least in the United States.
One thing that a friend of mine (who is also a cinematographer) and I do is collect and regularly screen movies in 16mm. We both have a couple of good projectors, and continue to collect and expand our "libraries" with some classic films, most of which tend to be B&W. For one thing, the emulsion doesn't fade the way the color dyes tend to in color prints. In the warmer months, there's nothing like screening a classic and having your friends come over for a movie under the stars in the backyard.
Here is a list of the movies I own prints of at the moment...
The Wages of Fear.

The Getaway (in Cinemascope).

A Nous La Liberte.

Throne of Blood.

Seven Samurai.

Asphalt Jungle.

Knife in the Water.

All about Eve.


Night of the Hunter.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Ace in the Hole.

Double Indemnity

Touch of Evil (Long Version)

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. (a short film)
But to get back on topic...
For new movies coming out this year, I am looking forward to seeing:
Bad Words

Dom Hemingway

Transcendence (Directorial debut of Christopher Nolan's cinematographer, Wally Pfister, who won an Oscar for his work on Inception)

Edge of Tomorrow (Directed by Doug Lyman and starring Tom Cruise)



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Aug 20, 2013
Hold-over from last year - Walter Mitty movie that came out on Dec 25th - I haven't seen it yet...

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Expendables 3 (good ole' 80's style action movie)

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 (with the Phillip S. Hoffman)

The Hobbit: There and Back Again



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Oct 18, 2013
Most new offerings just don't "do it" for me.
One of the only movies I saw in 2013, and really liked, was "Stand Up Guys" with

Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin. Some hilarious moments!



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Sep 20, 2011
+1 LOTPR. I just don't have the patience for the modern day clientele. I am looking forward to The Hobbit installments but I suppose I'll have a long wait. It's worth it to be able to watch the movies I like while smoking a pipe in my living room.