Molto Dolce, Initial Thoughts

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Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2013
Ok, so it took some doing, but I found a way to get my hands on a tin of Molto Dolce. Heralded for it's room note, I thought it would make a good blend to keep around. My wife doesn't care for too many blends, so I had high hopes for this one.
It did not let me down.
So first off, the blend is listed as vanilla, caramel and honey. An interesting combination, but it works well. The tin note is nice, not amazing, and if you linger at it for a minute it becomes reminiscent of Play-Doh. It is a bit sticky, or oily in the tin, and sizzles a bit when you light it. No real issues there, seems to burn fine once lit. I'm on my second bowl right now, and the taste is very pleasant. No where near as strong as you would expect from the tin. It is quite enjoyable actually.
But it makes it's money in the room note department. I brought my wife outside while I was smoking it so she could get a whiff. We have been doing that lately, I have her smell everything, both in the tin/bag, and while smoking it. She tolerates Virginias and VA/Per blends, but she hates latakia. She has been acceptant of a few aromatics, but with this one she actually said, "Wow, that smells good." May not seem like much to you guys, but it is great news for me. Means I can smoke it in the car without worrying about the lingering scent bothering her. Means she will actually sit out here with me while I smoke. And it means she might let me smoke inside occasionally.
So, yeah, I am happy with it. Tastes good, burns surprisingly cool for how damp it seems, and the room note is a winner. I might have to dedicate a pipe to this stuff, and I definitely have to keep it around. Many thanks to everyone who recommended it.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Others that might appeal to you, although maybe not quite so fragrant, are Altadis Casanova, and their

Queen Anne's Revenge. Casanova is a Va/bur/Cav blend, and Queen Anne's Revenge is the same with

rum flavoring. Both are designed not to offend our domestic partners. In case the second name puzzles

you, Queen Anne's Revenge was the flagship of the infamous pirate Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard,

the pirate connection being the rum flavoring. I might have to try Molto Dolce, although it sounds like it

might be a tad sweet for me. Mostly, I like Sutliff; they bring in some pleasing blends at reasonable prices.

They are part of Altadis. Both blends I recommended are sold only in bulk.
The actual ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, has been found in the shallows at the N.C. coast and is being

carefully recovered by experts. I think any doubts that this is the ship have pretty well been dispelled.

Lots of experts and technology have confirmed it. It looks like Teach scuttled it for some reason, probably

while being pursued.



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2012
Austin, TX
I can agree on the room note, Molto Dolce did well there. For me though, the stuff just flat out tasted vile. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood when I tried it or something. I know you should give a blend several bowls to really see how you like it but this was a one and done for me.
When I want aro, I'll stick to my Ennerdale. I'm weird like that :crazy:



Preferred Member
Oct 18, 2013
It's funny ... I've offered up my MD, CB Royal, Newminster, etc. a few times now.

Either the people I've offered them to are scared to give me an address or just don't care for free tobacco! lol
Fading ... if you want my tin of MD just PM me your address.

You seem like a great guy and I would like it to go to a good home.



Senior Member
Feb 12, 2014
I actually love MD, wife, she don't like anything with tobacco involved, but the dog did come over to sniff my pipe :nana:



Senior Member
Feb 17, 2014
Jacksonville, FL
I didn't care for MD the first couple of bowls but after that it began to grow on me... Nice dessert smoke. In fact, I'm enjoying a bowl now.



Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2013
Thanks for the recommendations, and the cool back story, mso. I will give both of those blends a shot. If she enjoys the smell, and I can enjoy the taste, the whole experience is better. You know what they say, if mama ain't happy...



Preferred Member
Mar 19, 2013
I admit I was hesitant about Molto Dolce. Call it crazy, but the tin art didn't appeal to me and I looked at the tin for 3 weeks before opening it.
The smell removed all doubts. My wife had the open tin on the coffee table while she was reading - great air freshner.
My first smoke was a little wet and needed frequent relights, but was still smooth. Now I remember to dry out the tobacco before lighting and don't have that problem.
Fantastic smoke - not quite, but a relaxing, smooth smoke - most definately.



Preferred Member
Nov 3, 2013
I discovered Molto Dolce a few months ago, and both my wife and I enjoy smoking it from time to time. For me, after a few bowls, I found the flavor a little too strong, so I ended up blending it 2:1 with Lane 1-Q. This mellows it a little but still allows all the flavors to come through. I also tried McClelland's No. 401 Darkest Caramel, which has a similar flavor, but not as sweet, and I found it burns much hotter and will bite, so it needs to be smoked slowly like a lot of flakes do.

Just my opinion on the blend. Keep on truckin..... 8O



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Good for you! I enjoy an occasional bowl of it myself, especially on date night or while out in public. It tends to draw a crowd.



Senior Member
Oct 20, 2011
Nice little review - thanks!

My initial impressions were similar. While I was mildly put off by the stickiness of the tobacco from the tin and the sizzle when first lit, the room note was outstanding and it was much more flavorful than expected. Definitely a keeper & for me worth buying another tin.

Can't wait to try Barbados Plantation...



Preferred Member
Aug 10, 2010
Cheshire, CT
I have been smoking English blends for a lot of years, and viewed aromatics with disdain. About two months ago I tasted a bowl of Molto dolce, and the first thought that went through my mind was: "where have you been all my life?" I'm still not sure where the love is coming from, but I turn to a bowl of MD at least every other day. Go figure. I guess we could subtitle this "English smoker gone bad." In fact, I may have to develop a thread on the very subject of changing tastes.



Mar 25, 2014
United States
I'm glad you've found something your wife likes! I'm still at a point where my girlfriend refuses to kiss me after I've been smoking because the smell makes her gag. I'll have to invest in some of this to appease the ol' lady. Thanks for the review!



Junior Member
Nov 21, 2013
I enjoy MD as well, with my only complaint being how sticky it is. When using the air-pocket packing method, I literally have to put the pipe down after twisting the tobacco in to go wash my hands and then finish packing. i give it a day or so to dry in the bowl and it is delicious. I also don't experience the crackling people talk about when I give it a day to dry...I really can't imagine smoking this right out of the tin.
Good review BTW, glad it is working for you and your wife. Madman, how was the stickiness after a year of jarred?



Junior Member
Apr 2, 2013
I was really looking forward to Molto Dolce but it was the most repugnant chemical tasting tobacco I have yet tasted. Extremely wet! I let it dry out for a couple months and I tried it again. Now it smells like artificial carmel (but not even close to what it was fresh out of the tin) and tastes like air. A huge disappointment to me.



Preferred Member
Jan 5, 2014
When I opened my first tin of Molto Dolce, my initial thought was to get a spoon, and eat it. I thought it smelled like cheesecake or flan! Like others have stated, it makes a nice blend to smoke when the wifey is joining me on the back porch for light conversation.



Preferred Member
Mar 19, 2013
I always find it interesting how taste buds differ, and like to see the variety of opinions. Thank God we don't all like the same thing!