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New member
Feb 20, 2019
Hey guys!

The Mold King here... Ugh... I don't know if you guys remember my first run in with mold, but I have some in an 8oz tin of "Triple Play" from "Smoking Pipes". I have been smoking "Jack Knife" until I just now opened my Mason jar that I have been smoking for a couple of months now and I found MORE MOLD. I have been smoking this for months. Do you guys know if my health is affected? Is my room/house infected? I am out of my mind, and to tell you the truth, "Smoking Pipes" needs a much better customer service. The woman who took my call was not caring at all... WoW! I am out of my mind. Here are the new pictures:
Out of my MIND!



Preferred Member
Jul 16, 2012
I think, quite honestly, that Laudisi (Smokingpipes and now owning Cornell and Diehl) have maybe bit off a bit more than they can chew. They used to be friendly and apologetic about the mold thing. Recently I hear a lot more stories of a lack of care - like if you stored the tin for more than just a little while, or if you open it and return to find mold, there's nothing coming.
It's sad that they just can't/won't figure this out and meet industry standards of control. That Carolina Red fiasco a couple years back shoulda been the touchstone moment, but I guess not.
I've never stockpile CnD or Pease stuff because returning it across the border is a crazy huge hassle, it's impossible. But a stack of moldy tins never appealed to me so I just bought other stuff over the years. I've had one tin that I thought was a bit weird/off - a 3 nuns that just smelled ... bad. But I don't check my cellar every day for mold because I have no reason to think there is any.

Oct 8, 2017
And that’s why I only buy C&D to smoke right away. Same hassle with the boarder. Not worth paying tax twice if there’s mould.



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
The only C&D issue I've had was moldy Bijou three years ago, but SPC made that right for me. I've never had anything but exemplary service from them. Was anything stored in those jars prior to the tobacco?



Senior Member
Sep 11, 2018
Nasty. But I have seen more than acceptable amount of similar issues with C&D tobaccos. Definitely they do somwthing wrong. And I'm sorry to read this about their customer service, I have only positive experiences with the EU department.



New member
Feb 20, 2019
@brooklynpiper LoL!
@3rdguy Right?
@Captain Of The Black Frigate Heat sanitized in my dishwasher. My wife and I are clean freaks. I think that is why this is killing me.
@jpmcwjr Thank you. I will try it now so I can do it the next mold outbreak... Tonight...
@crashthegrey Right? I want to drown in the schuylkill river.
@daniel7 First they send me a moldy tin. Then a tin that I was smoking out of, in a mason jar, for about two months blooms mold so I have been smoking moldy tobacco for the last two months... The lady was not empathetic at all.



Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
Right, even the company's that are so good about customer service, and instant returns, that'd great and all but you still lose the time you spent letting it age...



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2018
Lexington, KY
This is wild. You either have terrible luck, or there's some unobserved factor causing your tobacco to grow cotton candy mold, Gorillafly.
Either way, I still say this is primarily an issue with cakes and plugs. Maybe not totally isolated to these cuts, but the vast majority of mold stories I've seen are in cakes and plugs. Anecdotally, I have probably a dozen pounds or more of C&D product, and I've never had a mold issue so far, but I only buy ribbons and flakes.



New member
Feb 20, 2019
@jpmcwjr Can you see the picture that I posted? I can't see it from my end (for some reason). I did what you said, but I didn't think it worked.
@didimauw Right... Right.
@Hap This particular time the mold grew in my jar, but the other two times, it came with the mold. I heat sanitized my jars in my dishwasher so the mold was already in the cake. Spores are the reproductive cycle. They form after all the food is eaten. I think you are right in that I must have really bad luck... I am the mold king.



May 18, 2015
OMG!!! Personally, if I thought I was smoking tobacco with mold, I would run to my doctor for a complete physical and chest xrays. This is one reason that I also only by ribbon or flake cuts. I also try not to leave it in the tin for more than a couple of months. Good luck.



Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2011
Awesome plume! Just kidding, that’s some epic mold. I sincerely hope there’s no health implication.
I can certainly understand them not wanting to replace tins that have been opened and didn’t go moldy until later. However, considering the more common than anybody involved wants incidences of mold in newly opened tins, a person needs to think twice about their cellaring strategy. This is true regardless of the blender involved.
I have a LOT of C&D cellared but no longer buy their blends except for near term consumption. One hitch is that to my palate their blends need about a year in the tin to mellow.



Preferred Member
Jun 30, 2015
My 2 cents
You've had this open for several months and have been smoking it so the jar has been opened and closed many times plus with a plug you have been handling it to cut it into smokeable portions. My opinion is how is this the blender's fault? Mold is everywhere and just your fingers could have inadvertently exposed the tobacco. Again this is just my 2 cents so take it for what it is worth but I personally wouldn't be sure that C&D is at fault.
Also unless your dishwasher is an autoclave I don't think it heat sanitizes, especially concerning mold spores.