Moist Towelettes

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Sep 13, 2010
Following the white rabbit
I ate some very good chicken wings at Coaches Corner in Fond Du Lac, WI tonight. They provide a few packets of moist towelettes with the wings.
I was reading the back of the towelette package and saw they actually have directions for how to use them. After reading the directions I just had to chuckle. The directions read: "Just tear open and use". I can imagine the person who wrote those directions struggling to resist the tempation to add the word "stupid" at the end.
I mean, really, is there someone out there who actually needs those directions? And if so, would they be able to read them?
Just my "everyday stupidity" chuckle for today.



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Jun 21, 2011
Sadly...there are. :crazy:
You know what they say...they only include instructions/warnings for a reason....



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Oct 13, 2011
Puget Sound
"Just tear open and use"
Use? How?

Some of us need extra help! :mrgreen:
You see... I don't even know how to do the quotes.



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Oct 14, 2011
As someone who's had some experience doing branding/design, I can imagine where that might have likely come from. Some 'genius' who worked in middle management at the company where the towelettes were made probably considered "Just tear open and use" to be the next "Eat Fresh," or "Think Different," and badgered or bullied whoever was involved with the project into including it. Or else they just wanted to fill up some space.