Mick Mcquaid pipe tobacco

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Jan 18, 2012
Just found a pouch of Mick Mcquaid"smooth smoking tobacco". Been sitting in a jar for aleast a year.

I have to say its exactly what it says a no frills smoking pipe blend. Cool burning, great nic hit tobacco. My nehibor brought back from Ireland. She said locals call it a newsstand tobacco. Quite one demintional, but has that aire about it that someone cared about its blending.
Anyone else had it?
Cheers :puffpipe:



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May 3, 2012
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
I have two tins worth of Mick McQuaid's Ready Rubbed that a EBay seller threw in to sweeten the deal on a bunch of Peterson meers that I bought to restore. Mine was aged though, from the original company who's fortunes faltered and were bought up and sold again, like so many small businesses have been over the years. I found it to be fairly smooth, quite high in the Vit N and fairly straightforward. I smoke it in Pete's systems occasionally when I'm in the mood. Goes pretty good with a nice jigger or two of Irish Whiskey if you like that sort of thing.



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Aug 30, 2011
I enjoy the MM plug immensely. As noted above, not exactly a cornucopia of flavors, but rock solid, steady and stout tobacco.

Newsagent = OTC



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Nov 20, 2009
a relative of mine got me three tins of MM. Man very high in nictine and strong tobacco. Tried one time early morning and I thought the turning world will never stop. Excellent after a heavy meal with a strong coffee (Espresso).