Methods for Storing pipe tobacco short term

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Jul 13, 2015
Hey all,

As a complete rookie to the hobby of pipe smoking. One of my questions is on storage of tobacco. I imagine this is a fairly 'hot' topic. Now most people use mason jars, but for someone like me, who lives in the UK, these jars are abit harder to come by. So i have gone for an alternative which seems to work!
The way i do it is like this, once the seal of the tin (50g) has been opened I de-cant the tobacco into a sealed bag, then from here I place it into a jam jar. The jam jar contains a rubber gasket around the rim so I imagine combining the two I might end up with a fairly air tight system.
Has anyone attempted this? Or anything simiar? Also what about using an unused plastic container?



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Feb 13, 2015
I'm pretty much all Mason jar all the time now, but over the years I've used many other glass jars (such as the jam jars you mention). Never plastic, though. Short-short term, I leave it in the tin.



Jul 16, 2014
It depends of how much time it takes you to go through a tin. Here is what works for me: If I know I will be smoking the whole tin within a month or 6 weeks, I leave the tobacco in the original container. I never had any tobacco become too dry within that time frame but I live right by the Atlantic Ocean where our weather is fairly humid all the time. Anything longer, I jar it. I find an old fashion jam jar as good as a mason jar (just be careful that the rubber seal is intact). I also have a few airtight containers that will fit a tin, works as good as the mason jars but it gives you that little extra satisfaction of reaching in the original packaging instead of a generic glass jar.



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May 26, 2012
United States
I normally have 20-30 tins open at the same time so I use tupprerware like containers to store my open tins in. In the picture you will see the opaque containers with the white tops is what I use. I buy them at Walmart and they come in a package of 4 different sizes and the 4 pack sells for about 6 bucks here in the U.S. They keep my tobacco fresh for 8 months to a year.



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Feb 11, 2012
Like Harris, I use the plastic jars and Tupperware style containers, which work great for short term storage. They also make it easy to rehydrate tobacco, by misting the inside of the lid when needed.
The only problem with these containers, is that they can pick up a ghost. The simple solution is to dedicate a particular container to a particular blend, or toss it all together when you are finished.



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Jun 4, 2014
United States
I use food grade plastic jars with bail lids. I use them for my own deck blends and they keep tobacco moist for at least a year. They may work longer but I've never left one sealed for more than a year.



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Apr 10, 2015
There must be people that can food at home in the UK. Maybe there's a jar maker there like Mason here in the States.



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Jul 10, 2015
John Middleton tubs ie....Prince Albert, Carter Hall etc... are good for short term storage.