Me and My Wife Are Ready for Halloween - in a Small Way...

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Nov 3, 2013
Living out in the country we get no trick or treaters, so we just have to have our own little party. So here's our treats for tonight: my wife's witches pipe and my warlock pipe, a little smokey scotch with some Gordon Pym. Have a spooky one tonight! :twisted:



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Feb 27, 2015
Very nice! Gordon Pym has to be one of the most under-rated blends out there. The same genre as Presbyterian but much better, IMHO.



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Feb 21, 2013
We set up with an electric pumpkin, two real pumpkins I didn't get time to carve, and a wide basket of Hershey's assorted chocolates and Double-Bubble. We knew we'd have a limited number of kids, but we are ever-hopeful. We had five, one four or five year old costumed as a pumpkin riding in a wagon pulled by his parents; one pair of young kids with their mom, the kids dressed as a scarecrow and as Dorothy from The Wiz; and two teenage boys dressed in jazzy street clothes who we were glad to have take plenty of our over-stocked candy, but only after we invited them to take seconds. Most of the neighbors no longer pass out treats, with too few recipients. I think the culture has turned to parties, I guess for safety reasons.



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Jun 26, 2016
We got plenty of kids, I think it has more to do with the age of your neighborhood. We live in an older subdivision and when we moved in 9 years ago we had 1 kid. Now we have about 100 or so. Its all cyclical. Young families move in to homes, have kids, kids get older, then they sell to another young couple, they have kids and so on.



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Apr 26, 2017
my neighborhood is crazy on halloween, my neighbor hands out full size candy bars and a can of soda...draws kids from all over the place