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Junior Member
Jan 24, 2019
I have two pipes that, as soon as I put fire to weed, have an astonishly good taste. Sounds questionable, but it happens. Some say the briar makes no difference, that it is all about engineering, but I can't bring myself to believe that. Pipes, for me, continue to be a great mystery.


Preferred Member
Mar 11, 2018
When I am trying a new blend I like to smoke it in a clean and well maintained meerschaum first. It seems to eliminate some of the briar ghost noise.

Maybe this is all in my head. Doesn't matter for me if it is imaginary or not because it is all about what I like. If a placebo sugar pill seemed to give tobacco a cleaner and better taste I would eat it.


Preferred Member
May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Fred Hanna theorized in his book "The Perfect Smoke" that some briar could be better than others...

<< Snipped bits out >>

.... Of course the cause could boil down to any number of issues rather than the briar itself, but its an interesting thought nonetheless.
I don't think there's any real debate as to some briar being superior to others, be it due to growing conditions, age, or type and length of curing. Design and execution are important as well, but you can't build a great smoker out of inferior briar, though the reverse may be true.