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Senior Member
Jan 18, 2012
Is there any reason to purchase tin tobacco over bulk. Is it just packaging you pay for, I would assume that some blends just come in tins.
So what is the deal???



Preferred Member
May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
I've only bought 7 Seas Regular Blend in bulk. It smells, tastes, and smokes just the same as the tin which I've also purchased. You get a lot more when you buy in bulk. The tin (3.5oz) I got from a local tobacconist for $15 and when I ordered online in bulk I got 8oz for a little under $14. This blend battles Connoisseur's Choice for my top favourite blend, so I figured it'd be better to get it in bulk.



Preferred Member
Mar 22, 2011
Edgewood Texas
If there's not much difference in price I usually go with the tin. Its much more convenient than Mason jars and will store a long time in ideal condition. I add the cost of mason jars to the cost of bulk tobacco for the comparison too.

The cost of tinned tobacco is typically a lot more than bulk, but some of the best tobacco in the world is only available in tins.



Junior Member
May 13, 2011
Bulk is generally cheaper so that's my preference. Sometimes the tobacco is only available in tins so the choice is pretty easy.



Preferred Member
Sep 14, 2011
Many, many blends are available only in tins. For long term storage, tins certainly take up less space. (We won't go into historic reasons for packaging that way. :) ) Bulks may be more economical, however.
Personally, I buy both. If a blend is available in bulk, and I am going to smoke it in the near future, I will buy it that way. But if I am planning on aging, I buy tins, simply because it takes up a lot less space.
This is all a matter of what works best for you. :puffy: