Lady Looking For Unique Display For Jamboree

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Dec 6, 2012
Robinson, TX.
Howdy Gang,
I was contacted by a lady with a unique request. Her email to me is cut/pasted below and has all of her contact info. Didn't know if anyone here would be interested, but you never know -
Dear Steve,
We are a non profit that holds the Nanticoke River Jamboree each year at our historic site, Handsell in Dorchester County, Eastern Shore, Maryland. The Jamboree's theme this year is FIRE! As such we are looking for any and all exhibitors who have any thing to do with fire in their craft or vocation.
We are currently growing a small patch of tobacco at the Chicone Village at Handsell, so we thought that an exhibit of historic pipes, or a pipe maker/collector might fit in nicely with the theme. Do you know of anyone in the Maryland, DE, DC, VA, lower PA or NJ areas who might be interested in displaying a pipe collection, or a pipe crafts person who can sell their "wares". We do not charge for vendors, but ask for a 10% donation of the days sales (honor system).
We appreciate your help in this matter. You can learn more about us at our two websites below.
Thank you!
Midge Ingersoll, Trustee

Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance


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Feb 21, 2013
I'd tell her to contact the Old Dominion corncob pipe people in neighboring Virginia, who might be able to bring pipes for sale to the event. The pipes would be equally suitable in quality and design for both discerning pipe smokers and non-smokers who want an authentic souvenir from the event. Bob at Old Dominion is a Forums member, pictured in his Civil War re-enactment regalia in his avatar. As Forums members know well, Old Dominion pipes are made from a Native American corn and have reed stems, and perfectly capture the historical essence of pipe smoking, and smoke great besides.