Joy of Pipe Smoking

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Oct 15, 2013
I work swing shift, usually getting home after midnight. It's been a tough work week and I've been darting out to the cave during the week for a quick smoke usually choosing an aromatic blend like County Cork or Espresso (both pretty good blends) to unwind before checking e-mail and the forums then going to bed. But tonight being Friday I decided to take my time and indulge myself for a long luxurious smoke of WhiteKnight. I chose an estate pipe I had recently refurbished, a heavily rusticated and carved sort of Canadian/billiard hybrid stamped "The Tobaccanist Inc" I had not smoked yet.
When I lit up that first charring light and tasted that glorious latikia for the first time in week I right away felt the endorphins kick in. I took a deep breath, slowly tamped down the tobacco a did a thorough and even true light. It just got better from there. I was transported for the next hour even though it seemed like so much less time had passed. Nothing was left in the bowl but fine white ash. I was tempted to load another bowl, but being so deeply satisfied I contented myself by pouring a glass of whiskey and contemplated what I had just experienced.
This is why I am a pipe smoker. Not every bowl is like that but just for that one out seven hour of blissful quietude and focus I will never give it up! All the week's frustrations and angst dispelled in an hour!
Gloria soli deo!



Oct 4, 2013
Thank you for sharing. It is moments like the one you so eloquently stated that draws us back to our shared and cherished past time.



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Mar 22, 2014
Gloria soli Deo
Since you said this, I will offer this quote from Charles H. Spurgeon, the famous 19th-century preacher:
"When I have found intense pain relieved, a weary brain soothed, and calm, refreshing sleep obtained by a {cigar}, I have felt grateful to God, and have blessed His name"
He was a cigar smoker, but surely the same holds true for pipe smoking.



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Feb 21, 2013
I admire the specificity of one out of seven bowls giving that major satisfaction. Even some of

the other six are pleasing and satisfying along the way, though not quite the same. A great slice

of life, after the swing shift. Can't do a nightcap (liquor) myself, though it is so enjoyable, or I

bolt up awake at 3 a.m., not just awake but completely awake -- alcohol jazzing with my body

chemistry -- but that's just me. Tobacco's okay. Thank you for the good glimpse of life after

the swing shift.



Oct 29, 2012
The American Midwest
Nicely stated example, illustrating why many of us smoke a pipe. Calling what we do a 'hobby' does not adequately reflect the experience. It is not mind altering; however, a moment alone with a pipe does allow for an opportunity to be at peace, a small oasis of quiet grace in an otherwise difficult and often dangerous world.
Soli Deo glorio



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Mar 30, 2014
Great story. I'm a shift worker also.

I try to always take my time when I smoke. After all, to relax and slowly enjoy it is the reason I'm a pipe smoker instead of a cig huffer.

I agree, every pipe you light is not created equal. Sometimes it all just comes together right. The magical bowl.

There is a little riverside park about a half mile from my house. Recently I stopped there after work about 2am. I was the only person there. Sat by the river and fired up my Stanwell. Mild breeze, 70 degrees. Watching the barges at a distance, hearing the waves roll up. Sometimes it all works out just right.



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Mar 20, 2014
It's great when all the stars align and you are able to have one of transcendental smoking experiences. It's good that we only get them occasionally or pipe smoking would be to vanilla.



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Oct 15, 2013
Here's the pipe I used last night. It's probably just an old basket pipe from a now defunct store called "Tobacconist Inc". Sure smokes fine though.

Just did a search of that name. Seems there is still a store in Chicago by that name.