John Duncan's Pipes - Still in production?

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Sep 26, 2018
Finally in 1994 Duncans Briars Limited was sold. The manufacturer of quality English pipes be a family firm was no longer in demand. Other cheaper materials could be found, and methods of manufacture had changed. So all agreed, if Duncans could not make pipes the way they wanted, they would not make pipes. Although a seemingly hard decision, John Duncan, his wife Diane and their son Peter, had been running two shops in Southport for a number of years, and it was through 'John Duncan's Pipes' that the family tradition was able to continue. Now in the 5th Generation, the Duncan family can proudly claim they have been 'Pipemakers to the Pipeman Since 1899'.

From what I've read, I've got the impression that today's Duncan Briars are cheap factory pipes and John Duncan's Pipes are a different company trying to duplicate their former glory. I've oft seen "Duncan Briars" in British tobacconists, but never "John Duncan's Pipes". The website mentioned in pipedia and Google, seems to be operational but does not seem to carry any pipes. Are John Duncan's Pipes defunct, or did I misunderstand the pipedia article?