Jan Pietenpaw Pipes

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May 4, 2013
Columbus Ohio
Briar Bid's update came out tonight and the pipe I had my eye on was a Pietenpaw. Someone else snagged it before I had the chance. I don't know much or anything about this maker other then seeing a few of his pipe come up from time to time. So I did some research and found out he is from South Africa and that he retired a couple years ago because of some drama over a pipe of the year pipe and due to bad briar wasn't able to ship them on time but he eventually did get them shipped. Anyway I found he has a website and it has a update of July 2013 on it and has some very reasonable New, Unsmoked estate, and Smoked estate pipes on it.
So here are my questions:

Is he back in business?

Does anyone have one of his pipes and how does it smoke?