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New member
Oct 22, 2018
No idea why my avatar is sideways but I can't get it to change no matter what orientation image I use. Medium age fogey, pipe smoker of many years who had taken a bit of a break for marital reasons and am now back at it. Go ahead and guess why! Enjoy aromatics and English, avid reader, shooter and firearms instructor, aviation manufacturing type person, antiquities browser, road tripper and enjoyer of vittles. Teatotaler.



Preferred Member
Jul 20, 2018
Welcome to the forums. You definitely look sideways to me. Better than upside-down I suppose. I'm also a fan of English and aromatic blends. An avid reader and shooter too. Always wanted to learn to fly but just too expensive.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
fathead, welcome aboard. Interesting "resume." I posted my avatar from an upright photo, and it came up sideways. I'm a luddite, non-tech type, so some kind soul had to come along a few months later and put me right-side up. Embarrassing but true. I quit pipe smoking in solidarity with my late wife quitting a heavy cigarette habit. We agreed I'd enjoy a cigar or two on business trips. After a long stretch of being a widower, I remarried, a woman I'd known since we were 19. She's had some serious surgeries related to infection and hip replacement revisions. (Before this we did a lot of travel and gadding about.) When she was in rehab, I needed a way to center and compose myself in the evening, after hospital or rehab. Alcohol was an impediment to early rising, late evening commutes, etc., so i picked up the pipe again. That's my version of a pipe hiatus.



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
A fellow Teatotaler!! Cool... while we may never find something to talk about, we definitely will share one thing in which we have absolutely no interest in, ha ha. :puffy:



Junior Member
Oct 21, 2018
South Carolina
Welcome fathead... and I think you actually are sideways and just don't want us to know! No worries, any friend of vittles and pipe tobacco is a friend of mine! I'm actually trying to lose weight and am about 23 hours and 22 minutes into a 44 hour fast... can't wait to hit the vittles tomorrow evening!



Preferred Member
Mar 25, 2014
Hey fathead, welcome from the Great White North. I like Lats and Aros so much I now mix them for a sweet and smoky taste.