Ill be back on here again regularly pretty soon. (long and depressing)

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May 8, 2011
Well, im not sure if anyone missed me, or even noticed I was gone, but I still look around every now and then. Ive been going through some god awful hard times lately. Im pretty sure I have to at least be close to clinically depressed, but I cant be sure. Ill give a small rundown of the crappiniess (general of course, I know others have hard and harder lives) that my life has been lately
- My little brother is still sick, for those of you who remember, he was misdiagnosed at the hospital and they broke all 4 of his limbs by accident. Well he has been going up and down in health alot lately. He has had surgeries and infections, and complications. He now has to get a shot in his stomach everyday, but he seems to be getting better.
- My grandpa had another (number 6) scare with aneurisms. He had to get surgery again, but is home and healing, just picked him up myself today as a matter of fact.
- My truck lit itself on fire, that sucked, got it fixed though
- My parents who I live with some of the time, are both strung so tight I cant even talk to them
- My girlfriend and I are having some issues, minor, but just sits on the stack
- My two best friends moved away
- And the worst, the thing that friggin topped the cake, that pushed me over the edge...I had to put my 6 month old puppy, Charlie, as seen in my avatar, to sleep. He got sick and started having seizures. We hospitalized him for several days, but he stopped responding. It was acute renal failure. He was my best friend. I lived alone with just him, and he was the only one in my ife that was truly happy to see me every day. He was such a good dog, and such a good friend, an now he is gone. I keep looking up to see him, he followed me every where, and I feel like I see him for a second, but he really isnt there. I miss him so dearly it isnt even funny. It sounds stupid because I didnt have him long, but I think it makes it worse, I expected to have him for while. He was my one thing I held on to in all the crap.
Add in the financials of all this and you have a hard time.
Im sorry that I probably aggrevated you, or made you upset, but I had to share it with some one, and I figured this was as good a place as any to share my sadness. If any mod wants to remove this topic for lack of any relevancy whatsoever, I wont be offended in the least.
Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through
Like the topic says, ill be back on, I am going back to school, and this is one off my pass times there



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Jun 13, 2012
Hang in there man. That sounds like a pretty rough spell. Hopefully things will turn around for you soon.



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Jan 19, 2012
Chin up buddy things WILL improve. Just ride out the tornado and don't give up.



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Oct 12, 2011
God puts nothing on your plate heavier than you can handle.I allways tell myself I'm blessed,someone has it tougher than I do so I say a prayer(or hold a thought)for them..



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Jan 14, 2012
Hey buddy, that's what we are here for, unload and you might feel better, my dog that I have been havering might have a cancerous tumor on his gum so I know the feeling, a lot of us know your pain some way or other,smoke a long bowl and look at the good in your life, may not be much but I"m sure there is some PM me when you are feeling down. The old cajun



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Jun 21, 2011
The Mods will not wipe this out. Hang strong things will work out.



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Jul 8, 2012
Stay strong and remember it will all pass.

Nothing wrong at all with venting and letting your problems be known, this is a friendly place and I hope hanging here can help you out.

Take care and be positive.



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Oct 5, 2010
You have a lot on your plate. But, we are here, so don't leave. Maybe hanging in here with us will help.




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Apr 24, 2012
The next bowl is going out to you, your family, and Charlie. I'm an animal lover 100% and I know the pain involved with putting a friend down.

My heart goes out to you man it really does.

Have had my fair share of family problems as we all have, I've lost a sibling, and my grandma had health issues for quite some time before she passed.

Prayers and good mojo coming your way man.

Stay strong.