If That Is What You Are Selling, What Are You Smoking?

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Jul 1, 2013
I check the Buy Sell Trade section regulary on this site. I also sell things, mostly for $30 and under. I see a number of people selling some really nice pipes. I usually sell and if I am luck I can make 10 or 20 in profit im happy. But my listings are not amazing for the most part. Just stuff I don't smoke or bowl was bigger than I was interested when I got it, or something was interesting about the pipe but wasnt so much after sitting around for awhile, mostly machine mad pipes.
A number of people sell $50 plus pipes, up to a couple of hundered. I understand if someone doesnt smoke them any more but often there will be a listing for 5 or 6 really nice pipes, even unsmoked. My question is what are you actually smoking if you list high end Italian pipes, or a number of unsmoked savinelli's? I would love to know



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Aug 9, 2013
We have a few guys on here that collect and trade pipes and tobacciana that don't smoke at all. All are welcome here.

Plus, if it weren't for them, unsmoked vintage pipes would be virtually unobtainable.



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Apr 6, 2012
If i see an unsmoked pipe or one in good shape at a B&M or on eBay and i can get a good price i will buy it even if i never intend on smoking it (maybe not my style). But I will sell/trade to get what I like. I never pass on a good deal........ :D



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Jun 19, 2013
Even though you see some folks selling pricey pipes, they are often selling at a steep discount even though in real dollars it is more than one would normally spend. Best pipe deals on the internet are often made here.



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Feb 21, 2013
We all know that buying pipes can be habit forming, to say the least. I think the members who sell handsome,

smokeable pipes here likely have scores of old favorites and higher end pipes that more than fulfill their needs

and just enjoy restoring pipes and making a few dollars on the side to spend on tobacco. I think most prices are

better than most estate pipes, at least competitive. I would trust pipes on Forums more than most. I would have

trouble culling my stable of sixty some pipes, so I try to limit purchases.