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New member
Aug 17, 2012
I have purchased a box of pipes that I have no idea about. If you know anything about these or know where I can find out more about them please let me know. I want to see if they have any value. I have never seen the like before. Tey were purchased as new old stock from a midwestern drug store owner... Thanks in advance for any help.

I dont know how to get pics on this forum so I will give the names and descriptions. One is a "Duplex" It has two holes for two mouth pieces. The other is a "Jimmy pipe" It is made of a cork material and has several removeable ceramic bowls. I will be glad to email pics to anyone who would like to see them, or maybe a primer on getting pics put up on this site...
Edit: Moved to PIPE TALK, L

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Aug 14, 2011
I posted instructions on how to use photobucket to post photos.
It's like 4 steps. Super Simple.