Homemade Juice - Expensive, Time Consuming, Yet Delicious!

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Oct 7, 2011
Chicago, IL
First, a little business: Happy IPSD! I've had Maltese Falcon (Fresh tin, opened today, tinned in Nov. I'm letting the older stuff get even older!), Having Triple Play now, and will likely have my last bowl of Smaugweed next!
Now, onto the Juice!
Like many of you, once my mind is set on something, I'm gonna do it! So today on my way home I thought - I want some fresh Carrot Orange Juice. I knew I had half a bag of carrots that I'd probably have to throw some out soon as I wouldn't eat them fast enough anyway. But - I don't have a juicer.
So, I figured I'd go the blender> Puree route. Problem is, you need to strain the puree, right? Started at Dominick's looking for cheesecloth. Couldn't find it, so...I called my mom! She said go to the fabric store, but the one on my street (and only close one I knew of) apparently closed sometime in the past week or so. So, target.com, find the nearest target that has it in stock, head over, and none of the employees even know what cheesecloth is! So - back to target.com on the phone, find the isle location myself, go to the isle....no cheesecloth. Turns out, it's OK, because I forgot my wallet anyway....oops...
Determined still, I go home, puree up the carrots (I did two rounds w/ about 5 or 6 carrots and 1 orange in each) and then scooped the puree into the smallest Tupperware I had, and took one of the same size on top and squeezed em together and let the juice fall into a container below. It totally worked! But, as I was already aware, carrots don't give much juice, and I wasn't willing to use all my oranges, so when all was said and done, I got about 1/3 of a pint. Filled the rest up w/ Tropicana, and drank blissfully. So, after a half hour wasted trip and about 20 minutes of work in the kitchen, and followed by a 10 minute clean up, I got to enjoy a VERY tasty pint of juice for about 30 seconds (I was thirsty after all the work!)....but still - SO WORTH IT! Unfortunately, I don't have the time or money to make this a frequent experience.



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Cheese cloth can be located at most craft stores but I usually get mine at Wal-Mart, it's in the party supplies aisle(I have no earthly clue why) Granted, I use mine to make farmers cheese and use an old jack la lane juicer my mom got me for juice



Mar 21, 2016
Try watermelon water. Take the white that is left over after you cut away the red to eat, put it in blender and strain. Very refreshing and healthy: all the nutrients of the watermelon.