Help. Six estate pipes, but I can only keep one. But which?

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New member
Apr 5, 2014
Ok, so here's the deal. I agreed to help a friend by restoring his dad's old pipe collection. He said that if I fix up all six, I can have my pick of the litter. But, not being super knowledgeable on pipes and quality pipe brands, I'm going to need some opinions. If you had your pick, which one of these would you keep and why?

Starting at the top, here's what you're looking at:

1. Charatan's Make, London England, Belvedere. Stamped 10x, and stem has CP marked on it.

2. Charatan's Make, London England, Belvedere. Stamped 390, stem also has CP markings.

3. Wally Frank Limited, White Bar, Made in London England. White bar marking on stem.

4. The Everyman London Pipe, made in London England, 332. Stem has 3 white lines.

5. Comoy's Tradition, made in London England, 334. Stem is stamped with a white C.

6. Peterson's of Dublin, made in Ireland. Stem is stamped with an ornate P.
Aesthetically, I'm digging the Comoys, Wally Frank, and the Peterson's

Interested to hear what you fellas have to say.



Preferred Member
Apr 5, 2014
Hello Modtad...I agree with you on the Comoy. The Peterson looks like it could be a P-lip, they take some getting used to. Personally, I like them. I'm not sure which ones are the most valuable. Charatan, Comoy, or Peterson?



Preferred Member
Dec 25, 2013
I like the Comoy Tradition. I don't know about current production but they were a good pipe. Also, the shape and size appeal to me.



Preferred Member
Jan 24, 2014
For me, its the Peterson, for no other reason than I like the look of it.

If you are deciding based on value etc, there are others who will guide you.

If its effectively a gift in lieu of payment, go with the one you will smoke and think of your friend and his dad when smoking it.



Preferred Member
Feb 27, 2013
Comoy WORD! Good for you helping out your friend enjoy cleaning them and then smoking the Comoy!




Senior Member
Sep 30, 2014
I also would suggest the Comoy as it has beautiful grain and the reasons above, looks like it's agreat clencher, most valuable. The top Charatan also has great grain but in my opinion the Comoy will give you years of great smoking pleasure.



New member
Apr 5, 2014
Thanks for all the input. The more I look at these pipes, the more the Comoy is calling to me. It's in the best shape of the bunch too! I have a lot of work ahead of me with these pipes. They were definitely smoked a LOT. Cake buildup for miles and all the stems are chewed to hell. I will post pics of the progress, mostly because I'm bored.



New member
Oct 28, 2014
Bellevue, MI
If these are his Dad's old collection, some day he is going to really regret having parted with one of them. I say fix them up, give them all back to him, and have him take you out for a good steak instead.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I'd accept the Comoy which seems to have the best grain and most refined shaping. I like the straight Dublin, but

other than the shape it has nothing special that I can see. I think it's okay to take a pipe. When I have distributed

items from a loved one, it has always made me feel good, like their memory is passed along to a wider world.



Staff member
May 11, 2011
5. Comoy's Tradition, made in London England, 334. Stem is stamped with a white C
I could be wrong, but that looks like a drilled, 3 piece "C" logo, not one that is stamped. If so, that would be first choice.
If that is a stamped C, go with one of the Charatans.



Preferred Member
Aug 23, 2013
Let's not forget, the Wally Frank White Bar was the top of the line. More on Wally Frank,
Also, from pipedia,
" was not until 1955 that Lane Ltd. became the sole distributor for Charatan’s in the United States superseding Wally Frank."



Preferred Member
May 25, 2012
Let's not forget, the Wally Frank White Bar was the top of the line."
LOL The contrarian view. I was actually thinking myself that the Wally might be the best smoker of the bunch. But the Comoy is probably worth the most. Still, even the Comoy won't taste as good as a steak. I admit it, I'm a cheap date, but jlawitzke makes a good point.



Senior Member
Jun 15, 2014
+1 dmcmtk the White Line used some fine Algerian Briar, I have four and they are some of my best smokers!



New member
Jun 12, 2013
I think you're going about this the wrong way. Too many pick a pipe just on the name alone. Since you have the pipes in hand forget what makes they are and look at them from a mechanical stand point. Is the drilling centered? Does the airway meed the chamber right? It's not too high nor low? Will it pass a pipe cleaner no issues? Is there a light gap? How are the rim? Burnt? Char? Dents and dings?
After you have done the 15 point inspection on the mechanics look at the aesthetics. Are there fills in the briar? If so how many, how big and are they well blended? Has the stem been gnawed on like a dog?
ME personally, since it was the guys dads collection I would just clean them up for him and let him have all six. Obviously they are sentimental to him or he wouldn't have asked to get them cleaned up.



New member
Apr 5, 2014
I think it's important to mention here that my friend's father is still alive. He dug these pipes out of storage, and since he knows I like to refurbish old pipes, he brought them to me. I told him that I would clean them all up, which is a polite way of saying that I'm going to have to spend hours reaming and sanding these bad boys. It was his suggestion that, when I'm done, I should pick the one I like best and keep it for myself. He has no plans on smoking them, so I don't feel a bit bad about this arrangement. I'm not looking for the most expensive pipe. I just like to hear informed opinions from forum members. Makes the process more fun.