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Feb 21, 2013
Welcome aboard bogfire. You need to teach us all how to do pipe smoking when blends are hard to get and very expensive, since that could be the future most places. I have a profound respect for Nova Scotia as a "remote" place with a deeply developed culture of music, visual art, and literature, which cannot be said of many places with a relatively sparse population.



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Dec 18, 2015
It's always more fun to participate than to just read. Welcome. Too bad about the prices, but we all deal with something negative. I'm glad you are persevering and enjoying what you can.



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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Welcome from N California!
You're not too far from "The Money Pit", on Oak Island, are you.... Ever visited? I got to watching the weekly show about three months ago, and FF'ed through much of it. But now I watch more closely, as the historical and sleuthing bits are interesting. (I personally doubt there's any real treasure left, though).