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New member
Jan 10, 2017
I just relocated to Colorado from Tennessee. I've read a lot but never posted. Before I moved I bought a Peterson 2011 Christmas pipe 50 percent off at a store. I got it home and noticed half the green bowl was not green due to being in the sun in the store window for years. I was at another shop and a Peterson rep was there so I showed him and asked about it. He said it was typical of the green bowls then and offered to replace it. I told him I didn't buy the pipe there. He said it didn't matter. I left with the pipe because I like the look of it. Peterson's customer service was excellent. The rep would not let me leave the store without a free tin of University Flake, which I refused many times. He wouldn't let me go without it. Peterson rocks. Now if somebody could tell me how to open, pack and smoke University Flake that would be great. Lol. I always buy bulk.



Preferred Member
Dec 29, 2016
Rub it out and enjoy the smoke...I only own 5 Petersons (no green ones), but every one of them smokes really well with flake.



Preferred Member
Apr 29, 2014
I bought a grinder at a head shop that I use to rub out flakes. It works like a charm.



Jan 27, 2018
I bought a grinder at a head shop that I use to rub out flakes. It works like a charm.
It probably blew their minds that some one is actually using one of their "tobacco" accessories for actual tobacco lol



Senior Member
Nov 28, 2011
Welcome and I have a few Peterson's myself. All good smokers although the bents wont take a pipe cleaner. I love my green 2017 St. Patrick's Day Pipe. Good luck and have fun learning here...tons of information available.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
If I count correctly -- my pipes are spread around -- I have seven Petersons. I really like them, the heft, the draw, the sturdy design. I have two B11 bent brandy, a Belgique, an Around the World bulldog commemorating Ireland, a rusticated author, a Killarney 999, and so on. So far they've been durable and fine smokers.



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
Welcome to the site. I would also recommend cube cutting the University flake. It is a dense flake and sometimes a fold and stuff can be tricky especially since you have no experience. Cut the flakes into little cubes and then fill your pipe. I like a little resistance in my bowl and I check the draw 2-3 times while loading.



Preferred Member
Jul 24, 2016
Welcome, and glad you've found a pipemaker that you so like, better still that their pipes are affordable. University Flake is a worthy smoke, enough nicotine to satisfy and a fine mix of flavors.



Preferred Member
Jun 23, 2011
Welcome, outdoorboy
I, too, am a lifetime fan of Peterson pipes. I like their traditional styling, and I like the little departures they make from time to time. While some have complained of quality issues, of the 20 or so I have owned over the years, all have been adequate smokers for their price and some have performed far above their class. Add to that my strong cultural for the Irish maker and it's a long-lasting and loyal affair.
Good to have you join us.



Preferred Member
Jun 6, 2017
My first and only Peterson is a green 2015 St Patty's pipe I snagged from a forum member.
I noticed some green fading to brown where one would hold the pipe. After some research, I learned that the green is less durable and subject to thinning. More of a "top coat" than an embedded stain.
It's awesome that they swapped you one with a good finish. Manage your handling of the briar in order to keep it that way.
I'll be firing up my Peterson for the first time soon, on St. Patty's Day, of course... :puffpipe:



Preferred Member
Dec 25, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Welcome to the Peterson club. Been smoking them since I started the pipe over 20 years ago with 14 in rotation. I am glad the rep helped you out.



Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2013
Welcome from a fellow Peterson fan!
Now if somebody could tell me how to open...
There should be a couple indentions in the tin where you can put a screwdriver or other thin object under the lid a bit. Press up gently and you'll hear the air escape, breaking the seal. Then twist to the right (can be hard sometimes) and open it up.

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