Heine's Blend Still In Production?

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Junior Member
Aug 21, 2016
I noticed on Pipes and Cigars website that Heine's Blend is listed as "no longer available". Does that mean Sutiff has stopped making it (its still on their website) or the P&C has just stopped stocking it? Does anyone have any info about this?



Junior Member
Dec 27, 2014
I recently visited Sutliff in preparation for the upcoming CORPS pipe show on September 29th, Sutliff is offering a tour and event on the 28th as well. Information for both are on the CORPS page on Facebook.
Now as far as Heine’s Blend, they have some in stock and I am smoking a sample of it now and I rather like it. As far as I know they are still making it as needed.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Just for everyone's general education, what is the base and constituent leaf in Heines blend?



Preferred Member
Dec 6, 2012
Robinson, TX.
A year or so ago I sold a bunch of those old 14 oz lever top tins of Heine's blend from the 1970's. I have never tried the newer stuff but on the sides of those old tins it listed the ingredients as being "a cool burning cubed Burley sweetened with Deer Tongue." It was one of the blends I took to my pipe club meeting one month when we had "Nostalgia Night." The tobacco was actually rather strong with an all Burley taste, and I didn't think the Deer Tongue was sweet. It added more of a tart Vanilla taste to the smoke. Truly unique in its presentation. And, most of the guys agreed it got a little bitter in taste toward the bottom of the bowl which is not uncommon for more pedestrian Burley blends from "back in the day."
And for those of you who may not know - Deer Tongue is a plant. I used to think it was actual ground up and dried four legged deer "tongue" and wouldn't smoke anything with Deer Tongue in it until a laughing fellow pipe smoker enlightened me.



Preferred Member
Jul 23, 2014
The Lower Forty of Hill Country
Here's my three-star review of it from a tobaccoreviews.com post dated 07/07/2011:
Heine's Blend has been on my tobacco radar for years, but is one that I did not try until today. Now I am sorry that I waited so long.
This blend is described above as having a "cube cut" and so I expected to see something akin to Cornell & Diehl's Crooner (No. 104) when I opened the sturdy 14 oz. plastic container. Instead, I was greeted by a mostly dark, gently fragrant, chunky tobacco that has more of what I would describe as a "rough cut."
It was moist, but did not leave my fingers sticky when I pinched some between them. Its aroma in the container seemed almost subtle, really noticable only when I placed my nose a few inches above it. To me the smell was reminiscent of Fig Newton cookies.
Like most aromatic tobaccos this one would benefit from some drying, as initially I had a hard time keeping it lit after loading my pipe (a small briar billard that I use for testing new tobaccos) directly from the container. However, having said that, I was pleased by the fact that there was no "gurgle" in my initial bowl. Further, a pipe-cleaner applied after I dumped the dark gray ash (with almost no dottle) showed a surprisingly small amount of tar.
The smoke was blue-white and creamy, and try as I might I could not induce this blend to bite. Its taste was lightly sweet and pleasant, and left no coating on my tongue. The room note was comforting: slightly spicy, warm, and inviting.
This is a very pleasant easy-to-smoke blend that helped me to recall why I became a pipe-smoker in the first place, and I recommend it.