Hearth & Home Ambassador's Blend

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Jul 6, 2012
Tin: When I first smoked this tobacco, popped the top and peeled the tin open, my mind instantly went back about twelve years to a fire in the Suisun California marsh. The leaf cut isn't super long, just a bit larger than most RYO tobaccos. It's a little on the dry side, but still springy. The pieces aren't quite thoroughly even, telling you that this was blended by hand, with care, and not a factory. Mostly dark and brown, with the occasional light tan. Each piece has it's own personality.
In the pipe: Packing isn't too free, nor super tight. A flameless taste test provides a subtle hint of barbecue sauce, and an even more subtle hint of leather. When inhaled through the nose, I experience a strong sense of pepper, as well as a campfire. Upon retrohale I get a similar sense, but a little more soft. The smoke is thick, and prominent. Every now and then, I get a slight taste of coffee in the mouth. This might go nicely with a cup of coffee that doesn't have a lot of sugar or creamer added to it. I also notice the occasional hint of licorice.
Room note: After stepping outside for a bit, I come back and a soft aroma of a burning woodstove is lingering.
Side notes: Nearly perfect, consistent smoke, minus a seldom, (yet nice) surprise. Takes a few relights, but starts up right away after each one. This bowl lasted approximately forty five minutes, to an hour, in a Sitting Savinelli 920.

I first smoked this blend right out of the tin, before placing it in a jar.

Over the course of ten weeks, I smoked about twenty or thirty additional bowls of this blend, before writing this review.

I hope that you find this review informative, and helpful. Thanks for reading!