Happy Easter - Would Jesus Have Smoked a Pipe?

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A little conversation from a Professional (A Catholic Pipe Smoking Priest, an Ex-Marine and a great friend)
The whimsical yet thought provoking question in this video is: "Do You think Jesus would have smoken a pipe?" This question is not meant to be a serious debate about the divinity of Christ, just a little closer look at His humanity.

Happy Easter!
Fixed thread title, please see rule number 9. Pertinent portion: Please capitalize words in the thread titles. Thank you, Robert.



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May 10, 2014
My local brick and mortar hosts a Tuesday night non-denominational bible study. I went recently, and it was 20 guys (including the owner)' smoking cigars and studying the book of Revelation. Considering that my pastor is anti smoking this was a unique experience. I plan on going as often as I can.



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Feb 13, 2013
No I don't think Jesus would have smoked a pipe, just like I don't think he had sex.



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Feb 21, 2013
Jesus did enjoy a little wine, included it in his Passover feast that was his Last Supper, and even transformed water into wine on one occasion for the wedding at Cana. Would he have had a pipe had that been available? It's difficult to say. Since he was, by much Christian doctrine, one of three parts of God, I think his behavior could be presumed to be unfathomable. We're not talking about just the Creator of this planet and its creatures and people, but of the whole infinite universe or universes, from subatomic to galaxies and beyond, basically much of which we are incapable of understanding, nibble at its edges though we do.



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Jan 31, 2011
Well said MSO. My response is this: He would have considered the question of tobacco use to be in the category of straining gnats.



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Sep 13, 2013
Not unless his birthday was much later than we are taught, he wouldn't. That is, if you are writing about tobacco pipe smoking as we do today.



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Dec 22, 2013
New York
If he did he would have been a Condor smoker whilst Pontius Pilate would;d have been a Mixture 79 type of guy and Peter might have been a St Bruno smoker!



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Aug 20, 2013
God put tobacco on this planet. Just like grapes to be made into wine. I'm sure if it had been in the region he may have smoked it - as it would have been common for the jews in his area of the world to smoke. But it wasn't grown in the area. Now as to did they have tobacco in that time period in that part of the world. Lets look at the possiblity that through trade tobacco did in fact made its way to that area -

Mummys found with traces of nicotine and cocaine.

Going further https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Columbian_trans-oceanic_contact_theories#Trans-oceanic_travel_originating_from_the_New_World

A re-examination in the 1970s of the mummy of Ramesses II revealed the presence of fragments of tobacco leaves in its abdomen. This became a popular topic in fringe literature and the media and was seen as proof of contact between Ancient Egypt and the New World. The investigator, Maurice Bucaille, noted that when the mummy was unwrapped in 1886 the abdomen was left open and that "it was no longer possible to attach any importance to the presence inside the abdominal cavity of whatever material was found there, since the material could have come from the surrounding environment."[117] Following the renewed discussion of tobacco sparked by Balabanova's research and its mention in a 2000 publication by Rosalie David, a study in the journal Antiquity suggested that reports of both tobacco and cocaine in mummies "ignored their post-excavation histories" and pointed out that the mummy of Ramesses II had been moved five times between 1883 and 1975.
Now I suspect trade of this kind with tobacco most likley did not make its way to the jewish slaves of eygpt. But they most likley knew about tobacco. I think there has been enough evidence scattered here and in central america and north america with types of buildings, and other archaeological similarities that we can reasonably assume some sort of contact between egypt and the new world.



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Jun 15, 2013
I think the real question is, if pipe smoking had been available in Judea when Jesus was there, what would he have smoked in it? :puffy:



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Sep 14, 2015
Jesus, as a carpenter, would have made pipes and probably smoked them. Probably wouldn't have smoked opium. Maybe hashish or ganga for medical purposes. Yes, hemp oil and it's smokable cousins have been famous for their curative properties for millennia. Since he was a Rabbi, he certainly had sex too. "Be fruitful and multiply." Probably had a beard. WAS JESUS A HIPSTER ?? 8O



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Mar 25, 2016
You know ... If he had, things might be quite different for us pipe smokers today.



Mar 21, 2016
I religiously attend church on hatchings, matchings and dispatching's, however the majority of my social circle are up and down jumping and hands a clapping pew fillers, all of them believe that drinking wine = Sin, that smoking = Sin and that the wages of Sin = Death. this is rather contradictory for me as the first recorded miracle of Jesus as has been mentioned before was to transform water into wine, and since I belong to a wine club I think this is kinda cool. One might even ask if Jesus was alive today would he watch TV, Play video games or eat organic food... As long as one does not harm anyone by smoking I fail to see what the issues can be. I believe that Mark Twain said that ''Heaven is going to be one hell of a place with all the hypocrites''



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Jun 3, 2015
Divinity of Christ? Well Jesus was Jewish, Right?
Jesus would never have said he was divine, if he was Jewish. You see, it's a sin to even say G-d is a he, much less to say G-d would become human. The Early fathers skipped out on Judiaism class when they formed the dogma Of the Church. The details....the details...anyway Jesus would have smoked a Balkan Blend.

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