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Mar 1, 2013
I am lucky enough to live close enough to the city of Philadelphia, the birth place of the Marine Corps. To be specific, on November 10th, 1775 at Tun Tavern (where else would the birthplace of the Marine Corps be but a tavern) Captain Samuel Nicholas (who eventually became the first Commandant of the Marine Corps) with the Continental Congress formed the Continental Marines, which eventually became the Unites States Marine Corps.
Cookies Tavern, which is locally known as a "Marine Corps" bar, holds the best Marine Corps birthday in the area. I try to partake at Cookies whenever I can and this year was open to me. I took MANY pics but these are the ones that I think lend to the spirit of the day.
Out front at Cookies Tavern

Flags flying at the front of the tavern

Me in front of the mobile bar on Oregon Avenue

As is Marine Corps birthday tradition, the youngest and oldest Marines are duly honered. Here I am kissing the youngest Marine present. Her name is Trigger

Semper Fi to my brothers and sisters on our 239th birthday.



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Jul 23, 2014
The Lower Forty of Hill Country
"Goodnight Chesty wherever you are."
Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, USMC: June 26, 1898 - October 11, 1971. One of the most decorated Marines in United States history, he received six Navy Crosses, two Legions of Merit, a Silver Star, and a Bronze Star.