Happy 4th of July!

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Preferred Member
Jun 26, 2016
To our American friends, enjoy your holiday!
As a side note, when the holiday falls on a Thursday, do you get Thursday and Friday off for the long weekend?



Preferred Member
Jan 7, 2019
Thanks Mike! A lot of people take a vacation day on Friday to make it a long weekend.
However, I know a lot of people who are just taking today off and working tomorrow.


Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2018
Lexington, KY
Happy Independence Day, y'all!
I just finished my town's annual 10K road race, and now I'm ready to grill some hamburgers and celebrate our freedom.



Preferred Member
Mar 11, 2018
Happy 4th! Today we celebrate America breaking from a megalomaniac man-child who felt he controlled the world (King George III). That gives me hope.
Just yesterday I received the Consular Report of Birth Abroad and U.S. Passport for my son born here in Germany making it official that he is a US citizen from birth. Our surname dates back to our ancestry that settled in what is now New York (then Fort New Amsterdam) no later than 1630. Other of our ancestors came even earlier and others came later but ancestors with my surname came then. As happens one of my ancestors is a signer of the Declaration of Independence. My son is the first in that line who was not born in North America since the 17th century.
I love our country and look forward to returning. The United States has some truly astounding accomplishments in her history. May me value liberty and freedom as we move forward.



Preferred Member
Jul 30, 2016
Happy Independence Day. Please don't drink and use fireworks....I'm busy enough.



Preferred Member
Nov 7, 2018
Mesa, Arizona
Thanks. I won’t take Friday off. It’s a real casual leave work early day. Don’t usually burn a vacation day for days like that.



Preferred Member
May 23, 2019
Haha, nope. The only holiday that gets that privilege is thanksgiving, which is always on a thursday with the following friday also a holiday. Almost everyone takes a vacation day when the 4th falls on thursday though, myself included. No fireworks for Alaskans this years, we have very hot dry conditions right now and full firework restrictions and burn bans are in effect with wildfires raging all over the state as usual. One of them is very close to the sterling/kenai area and is now pushing 80,000 acres. There has been dense smoke in and around Anchorage, Palmer, and all over southcentral as a result. That plus nearly 90 degree temps (for us quite hot) has made it quite the unpleasant week.
Happy 4th everybody. Moose brats, caribou burgers, fresh sockeye salmon, and one 3lb tomahawk ribeye will be on the grill this evening. Brews, bowls, and bourbon accompanying.



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Feb 21, 2013
Thank you kindly. I got up early to put out the flag on the front porch in the sun, but I just took it down because of cloudy skies and thunder. We have some traditional food by way of hamburgers, chips and perhaps our favorite Mexican Coke. Hope everyone has a good, safe time. Picnics will likely move indoors many places, but I always think the conversation is the real main course, when it happens.



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Aug 23, 2013
Just watched my local fireworks, and multiple others within view up and down the Hudson Valley, from the air conditioned comfort of the chair at my desk!