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May 8, 2018
Before my grandfather passed, he managed to burn down his house and up with it any heirloom and photograph that might be left to his children. Years later, my father returned to the wreckage and recovered my grandfather's old pipe. We began our pipe smoking journey there.
Hi, guys. I've been a lurker and decided I'd better make an account. Sat on 0 posts for a while because I didn't know what to say, but it's a joy to read the posts on here. I'm not part of any pipe smoking communities in real life, so it's nice to be able to come here and read other's thoughts on the hobby. Thanks for having me.
I think my favorite time to smoke is in the morning, before the taste buds are battle-worn by the day. I've been thinking about this more because my job has me working nights and smoking when I get off in the morning is just not quite the same. I think I'll turn it over to you now - what time gives you the best smoke of the day?



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Jun 11, 2017
I've been a lurker and decided I'd better make an account. Sat on 0 posts for a while because I didn't know what to say,
That's the way it was for me also. But glad you jumped in finally. Welcome.
Best smoke of the day is anytime I am relaxed, not rushed, and have time to enjoy the pipe. Early in the hobby I tried to squeeze in a pipe anytime I could just to try blends and break in pipes like a mad man. Then I learned to relax and enjoy the experience, my cadence slowed, I tasted the tobacco. Now, if time is limited, I'll pass simply because I know it's not worth it. I will say though, early morning on the weekend, a pipe and coffee is amazing just as the sun is coming up.



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Jun 26, 2016
What an intro - are you saying that a box of pipes were discovered under ashes and cinders?
For me when I was working, it was early in the morning by the lake before my shift. Now when I'm looking after the kids, its in the afternoon when they are napping.
There's never a bad time in my opinion.
Welcome to the forum!



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Jan 5, 2018
As npod states, the best smokes are when you have enough time to really savor it. ATM that doesn't happen very often for me, but when it does I am a happy smoker, no matter what time it is :puffy:



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Aug 9, 2013
Welcome, welcome, welcome,

my favorite time to smoke is when I am awake. I had to give up smoking while I was asleep, because it made my wife nervous, and she complained about ashes in the bed. I know, I know, you're thinking, but what about the shower, or when eating, but I don't do those things very often, as they limit my smoke consumption.
Anyways, kick your shoes off and stay a while. Take us with a grain of salt... and a margarita. It might help.



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Mar 13, 2018
SC Piedmont
Howdy & glad you decided to join us now that the weathers hot & the water's not. Don't pay any mind to Cosmic. He's only occasionally violent now, & we let occasionally him out on weekends. :)
Me, I agree with npod -- whenever I have the time to enjoy it, even if it's only half or 1/3 of a bowl on the way to/from work or wherever. And if I *don't* have the time I'll wait. Late afternoons are usually a good time unless I've got some obligation immediately after work.
What're your favorite smokes these days, either pipe/tobacco or both??



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Feb 28, 2013
Welcome to the nut house/forum. Being retired the best time is first thing in the morning...with a cup of coffee. From that point onward as much as possible letting my tongue tell me when to stop.
...and won't find a finer guy/and advisor.



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May 9, 2018
Raleigh, NC
I would have to echo a few of the others here by saying that most often, the best time for me is when the mood strikes and when I have the time for it. I generally might have a puff once a day, sometimes it's at the office, sometimes it's at home. My favorite time though is right after supper, when I can stroll out on my screened in back porch and listen to all the nature out behind my house. I can just lean back in one of my deck chairs and comfortably just puff away while listening to the frogs out by the river. Mornings are usually too hectic for me while I'm trying to gather all my stuff and get out the door to beat the Raleigh traffic, although that almost never happens. For me, more often than not, night time after dinner, the back porch, some whiskey in my hand and a churchwarden stuffed with whatever strikes my fancy that night is where it's at.



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May 9, 2009
Welcome to a great group! Enjoy it, there's a wealth of info and entertainment found here!
BTW, Brooklyn, eh? Well, consider yourself invited to our club anytime you are able to join us for a smoke. I live in Queens so we are not so far removed. Visit New York Pipe Club for all the details, we welcome all and I guarantee that you will have a great time!
Be sure to add your email to our mailing list so that you can stay informed of club events - if you do so desire!
I see you work nights but perhaps you'll be able to join us one of these months or at one of our special event gatherings.
Happy Smokes!




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Aug 3, 2010
I would love to smoke in early morning, however kids do not permit that. Except in summer. So mainly I do the evening smoke.



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Jan 8, 2013
Welcome! As for myself, my smoke is after I've gotten home from work, had my shower and dinner, and I'm finally able to relax. On my days off from work, I prefer to have a pipe after lunch as I watch a show or movie or read, and sometimes once or twice more throughout the day. If I'm very tired from a hard day at work, I'll sometimes skip my pipe that night, as I just don't enjoy it as much, and there's also the chance of falling asleep with pipe in hand... I'd hate to wake up after falling asleep at my desk with a pipe with a broken stem in my hand. I like the pipe to relax me while I savor the smoke and flavor, not pass me out. I rarely smoke a pipe in the morning, although I've enjoyed it the few times I have.



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Mar 15, 2018
A bowl for a day is a bare minimum to keep. Twice or three times if i got the time. I like smoking pipe in a night time at best. The serenity and the silent always make me feel grateful to those tobacco blenders. Occasionally, I smoke in my office too during noon break.
By the way, hello from Indonesia and I hope you enjoy your stay here :)



May 8, 2018
Thanks for being so welcoming, everyone.
are you saying that a box of pipes were discovered under ashes and cinders?
Not a box - just a single loose pipe under ash and cinder.
What're your favorite smokes these days, either pipe/tobacco or both??
Ooph. I tried GH Dark Birdseye yesterday because of what I'd seen on here. Smoked it out of a small savinelli. I was bracing myself to face the resistances of something that might be an acquired taste, and yet I loved it at first puff. I'd taken an inventory of what I'd been smoking and Dark Birdseye definitely filled a flavor I felt I was missing. I also picked up 8oz of dark plug to try because 4noggins has got it goin' on and I saw some people on here praising it. I look forward to giving that a shot.



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Jul 11, 2014
I think your taste buds become more attuned with practice.

That morning pipe with coffee is hard to beat, 'specially a bowl of good strong burley.

I'm an addict. I need the nicotine as part of my daily maintenance.

I'm not as much of an addict as when I smoked roll your own cigs, and no longer inhale.

The pipe allows me less harmful (imho) access to nicotine with the fantastic bonus of all kinds of sensory input, not known to the average cigarette smoker.

The addition of what is known as the Pipe Smoking Community is also a nice feature, and may be the best of all.

I smoke alone, but I communicate with other pipe smokers online and via the postal exchanges and this all goes together to make for a pleasant experience.

I'm right at four years in to pipe smoking. For me, that represents a commitment.