Great New Article on Charatan, Upshall and Ken Barnes

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Smoking a Pipe Right Now
Staff member
Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
Well known high-grade pipe collector and author of several pipe books, Rick Newcombe, paid a visit to London and other parts of England just last month, and provides with a fantastic new article. He spent considerable time with legendary pipe maker Ken Barnes, and it seems Ken is missing being in the business after a 25-year absence.
Will he come back? We don't know. Either way, there are some great photos, conversations, and history of Charatan and Upshall Pipes in this extensive piece - Charatan, Upshall and Ken Barnes.



Preferred Member
Dec 25, 2013
Outstanding!It is a treat to read about Ken, especially after his contributions on here the past several months. Could it be possible that Rick Newcombe followed this up with a visit with Barry Jones? Probably too much to hope for.



Preferred Member
Mar 7, 2013
Great stuff from Rick, as always.
No re-hashing tired subjects from him, OR secondhand knowledge.
If the ASJA awards had a PipeWorld reporting category, he'd win it every year. :D



Preferred Member
Jul 21, 2015
I would just live in Heathrow airport for the low tobacco prices on classic UK blends.



Preferred Member
Jul 21, 2015
I am wondering how Americans pronounce the word ‘Charitable’? Is it pronounced ‘Sharitable’ or ‘Charitable’? If it is pronounced Sharitable, it may be a general pronunciation issue.
He should have used the word "chart."



Senior Member
Nov 12, 2015
I am really touched by the feedback that I am reading. I met up with Barry Jones two weeks ago with other long lost friends Pete Siegel and his wife Debbie. This was such an emotional time, all in one week. The four of us talked for about 4 hours on the times we had and it seemed to me that the passion for pipes was still universal.

I particularly like S.S. Jones's link Changes by David Bowie is one of my favorite songs and was a true favorite of my late father!

Thank you.



Preferred Member
May 25, 2012
That's great to hear, Ken. It's been a real pleasure having you on these forums lately -- I've owned and enjoyed a couple of Upshall/Tilshead pipes over the years, but I appreciate the brand all the more having learned more about its origins and the successes it achieved.