Grape Tobacco?

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Jun 5, 2017
So, I made a little kit with some Carter Hall tobacco, a MM cob pipe, pipe tool, pipe cleaners all in a nice tin box. I gave this to my wife's friend in the little town we used to live in. She said she might try a pipe. She also said she likes the aroma of the CH tobacco (hasn't smoked it yet though). Also, she said she had smoked some grape flavored tobacco in the past, that tasted like Grape Soda Pop! OMG... 8O

Anyway, I am looking for something like that for her.




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Sep 9, 2015
Captain Bob's Blend from C&D. Though it pains me to encourage anyone to smoke this, it will fit the bill.
I remember receiving a sample of it from someone, and the grape permeated the packaging which was a sealed plastic bag inside and a well taped box outside.



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Feb 21, 2013
Someone on Forums tried it and said it's not bad, pretty good -- not a rave notice but an affirmative nod. I am skeptical it's a natural grape flavor, more likely an approximation using artificial flavoring, but fruit flavorings are common in aromatic blends and often not bad.



Dec 25, 2016
If she really wants to go the Carter Hall route, you can get a bottle of Lorann Oils grape flavor on Amazon, and blend it yourself. It's a great brand for making home blended aromatics. I made some Cherry tobacco mixed with Latakia, Carolina, and Perique. Way better than the stuff on the market.