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Senior Member
Apr 6, 2015
So a while back I got a sample of Happy Brown Bogie and only smoked it once and gave the rest away, too cigar-like but I didn't give it a fair shake. I decided I should give rope another shot, after reading a recent thread. I perused and decided on SG Brown #4, well reviewed and straight virginia. I wasn't ready to place a big order yet, but was driving around yesterday and was near Black Cat Cigars(Norristown, Pa) who happens to carry a decent selection of SG blends. I stopped on in with a feeling and sure enough, there were two tins of Brown #4. I picked them up along with a double blade cigar cutter, as I read that is handy for these things. Got home, popped a tin and cut it up into 3" pieces to fit in a mason jar. There was a small end left that I cut up into slices, rubbed out a bit to dry. Which pipe to use? After all, it's an important decision. I wanted something with a smaller bowl but a slightly larger diameter as the tobacco was still a bit chunky. Settled on a '43 Dunhill mini-pot, only about an inch deep but close to 7/8" diameter. I got the experience I was looking for. Smooth, rich, meaty, earthy and strong. Very flavorful, excellent smoke.



Preferred Member
May 6, 2016
West Texas
Sounds like you really enjoyed that smoke, personally I don't care for rope or twist baccy, maby it was the bowl size? might give it a try :puffy:



Preferred Member
Sep 14, 2015
My recent twist order was inspired by seeing Cosmic's homegrown twists, and various mentions of Cotton Boll, many moons ago. They looked wonderful. Glad you revisited the rope and enjoyed it. I always feel like a kid at Christmas when a new tobacco is on the way. Nice thread title. :)