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Mar 16, 2014
I had the opportunity yeaterday to visit McCranies for the first time on the way back from Savannah. It's a great shop. I had made a couple purchases over the phone from them in the past, but hadn't ever had the chance to actually visit the shop. Do yourself a favor and pay them a visit if you're ever in the Charlotte area. They have a nice selection of Castellos, other new and estate pipes, along with accessories and of course tobacco. I sat in one of the rocking chairs and smoked a bowl while the wife and dog waited for me in the car. I ended up leaving with 10 tins of Red Ribbon and a tin of Margate. It was a great visit.
The highway was backed up as we set back out so we got off and visited their other store. I left the other store with a 2010 tin of Brindle Flake and a tin of Virginia #27.
It's one of those things that all pipe smokers should do, kind of like going to the Chicago show. What are the other must do's for a pipe smoker? :puffy:



Preferred Member
Mar 3, 2014
Kennesaw, GA
Nice, sounds like a winner in my book. I was in Charlotte for some meetings for a project, but was unable to get out to McCranies due to my schedule. It's one on my list that I'd like to visit if the opportunity presents itself.
Not sure how I could relax and smoke a bowl knowing I had my wife/dogs in the car waiting for me though. She's most certainly a keeper.

Mar 16, 2014
She's a keeper alright. She carried my pipe pouch in her purse for me all week while walking around Savannah. I lunted a lot and sat on many a benches smoking my pipes. She even lets me smoke in the house. I just haven't gotten her to let me smoke in her car yet.



Mar 26, 2018
Haven't been in a few years, picked up some tins and smoked a cigar last time I was there. I absolutely love McCranie's red flake and red ribbon, sad to see them go especially since I didn't get a chance to stock up.