First time smoker

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Sep 9, 2014
Finally after smoking for about a month a cheap Chinese pipe I got my Mr. Brog's old boy (and am about to receive another Gaspariny in a few days). So naturally I couldn’t wait and rushed to try my new pipe (please remember I'm a newbie).

Here are my thoughts and question as a result from my first good session:

1. There is no way to compere between the two pipes. Mr. Brog is much lighter. More easy to handle, and, to smoke.

2. it was the first time I could really taste the tobacco in my mouth. I liked it.

3. Getting the smoke in was much easier and the burning of the tobacco was more beautiful (there actually was red glowing in the bowl).

4. I only had to relight my pipe once during the whole wonderful 40 minutes of smoking.

5. Didn’t feel my tongue burning. Not while smoking or afterwards.

6. Of course you might say that it is all the imagination of an enthusiastic first timer. But for me it was great. First time I enjoyed and I mean I really enjoyed my smoke.

And 2 question that I'm looking for an answer:

The first: when I got my pipe it was dark brown in color. But while smoking it and after I noticed that its color became darker. Could it be from the heat the smoking generated? Is it o.k.? Or is it my imagination?

The second question is this: am I to take the pipe apart after every smoke and clean the sting from tar am putting a pipe cleaner through the stem? Or it is not recommended to take the pipe apart after every smoke?

Well that turned out rather long. Sorry about that. But hey after all it was my first time.




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May 31, 2013
It's great you're getting good results. As to your questions; most but not all of my pipes have darkened as they have aged. The lighter the stain the easier it is to observe this.
I don't break my pipes down every smoke more like every 3 smokes and clean out the stem. Because your pipe has a stinger, it should be cleaned so that it wont effect the flavor of your future smokes. Just remember not to take the stem out while hot.
Good Luck.



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Sep 14, 2011
Glad you got good results. The Chinese pipes are a fine example of "you get what you pay for". Smoke the best tobacco you can afford, in the best pipes you can afford. Enjoy the ride. :puffy:



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Sep 12, 2014
Well. Congratulations first.I don't know what kind of Chinese pipes you brought. If it's a Chinese corn or non-briar pipe, it's definitely rubbish.However, if it's a decent briar made in China, it could be as good as brand name pipes like Peterson or Dunhill.I'm saying this not just because I'm Chinese, but my personal experiences both in China and in US.Some Chinese handmade briar is not less expensive than European pipes. Sometimes it could be priced at over $1000 or even higher and such pipes are gorgeous.Anyway, welcome aboard.

Regarding your questions. I really suggest against dispatching your pipe every smoke afterwards. You will loosen the joint of your stem by doing so. I've been there. My advice would be a thorough clean every week at most.

I'm not saying all my points are right. Just my personal experience and word of advice.Best wish to your pipe smoking.



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Jun 23, 2013
South Dakota
Congrats. DO NOT take your pipe apart while it is still hot. You'll damage it. After smoking, a pipe cleaner down the stem, and perhaps a wadded paper towel wiped through the bowl is fine. After 5-10 smokes I'll clean the inside with 90% isopropyl alcohol (some prefer everclear) using regular and bristle pipe cleaners, qtips, etc. Be sure you don't get alcohol on the outside, it will strip the finish.
Search around here, lots of good info on cleaning. There were a couple episodes of the pipe mag radio show that covered it too.



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Sep 2, 2014
Hello papajoe, I am happy for you that you are enjoying your pipe smoking hobby. Being a newbie also, I remember my excitement when I was first able to discern some tobacco flavors.

As for the cleaning, for my part, since I don't smoke very regularly, I clean the stem after each smoke because I don't want to let them sit unclean for a long period (but as other members said, do not put them apart while still hot).
Hope you will continue to enjoy your smokes!



Sep 9, 2014

I meant no offece to CHina and it's people. I just meant i bought it on AliExpress at a very very cheap price. My thought were that before spanding money on a more expensive pipe l'll try first with an unexpensive pipe



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Jul 11, 2014
Learning on your own through trial and error has its value, but the information that inspires us to experiment is readily available.
Lately I've found a trove of videos on youtube to be fun to watch and help me learn.
Congratulations on your success! Keep on puffin!



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Jun 26, 2012
welcome! It sounds like you had a pretty good experience for your first time. Most people on here have the exact opposite experience. As for taking your pipe apart after every smoke, I personally do not take mine apart. I just run a cleaner through it after every smoke and take them apart about once a month for a good cleaning. Also, do not take your pipe apart if it is still warm, wait till it has cooled down. Welcome to the greatness of the pipe world!