First Impressions: C&D Exclusive

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Oct 20, 2014
To start, I enjoy C&D Bayou Morning and have smoked a good deal of that blend. So when so when looking to spend an unexpected $20 P&C gift card I was looking for something new to me and was looking for a bull blend to get some bang out of my free bucks. This blends discription stuck out to me as it says that there is 50% perique in the blend. The note in the bag set me back. I wasn't expecting it and honestly isn't the best selling point of the blend, but don't be deterred! It smelled like wet hay, with a musty overtone, and because I have no other way of accurately describing it barnyard like. Not quite manure but close. I know that doesn't sound enticing at all, but I've never let a tin note direct me too much. It is a fine ribbon cut and packs easy. Some may consider it a little moist out of the bag but I am ok with a little moister and will usually smoke a blend without drying time first and then experiment. I loaded up a large pipe about a group 5-6 and lit up. The initial char light is all pepper. I like pepper a good deal and was very pleased with this. There is a natural cavendish in this blend that adds body and I think helps to bring out the plum notes after the first quarter of the bowl. The red VA is only slightly sweet at times and is much more mature in taste. The retrohale is dark stewed fruit and plum perique goodness. I've read some that compare this to Escudo but while it's in the same arena I'm not sure that Escudo lovers will be impressed. There is a good balance for the rest of the bowl with all players present after that first quarter. Burns at a nice rate and doesn't not bite. I've also smoked it in a average sized billiard and found that I enjoyed the flavor more in the smaller diameter bowl. I like nicotine in my pipe tobacco, and regularly smoke Irish Flake, Royal Yatch, and the Afro mentioned Bayou Morning. I consider myself to have a fairly high tolerance. This blend is up there in power! It gave me a pleasant head spin and will certainly be reserved for an end of the evening smoke. I suspect that this will age nicely and plan on ordering more than my initial four ounces to hoard err cellar away. I am not sure if this will be going away or not. I could not find when this was released. If you like strong Va/Per blends this is a must try. At bull prices it's a steal too. I'd give this one a four out of five stars. It's not very refined but then again most baseball bats/steel pipes are not!



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Dec 30, 2015
I'm a big fan of this blend. I enjoy crazy full flavoured blends and was looking for a Perique forward blend and man this is it. They say Bayou Morning was high in Perique but it has nothing on this. To me this is a Va/pur with hot sauce, phew this stuff is peppery spicy, almost unbearable but not quite. I find myself going puff, puff, ohh too spicy, puff,puff,puff, but too tasty to stop, puff puff...



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Feb 13, 2013
Another good perique forward blend is John Patton's cool hand fluke. It's another head spinner. I find perique definitely affects me differently then stuff like rope, perique is more of a buzzed feeling, rope I just more get hiccups then anything, same with Billy Budd.



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Jul 11, 2014
Well, enjoy it(perique). I like some but only on occasion, because it will coat your taste buds, especially if you try it straight. I think 50% is about 45% too much.