First Impression: 1792

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Jun 6, 2017
I've had this sack of 1792 from Saltedplug's sale for a while.
While digging around for something new to try (and to keep my mind off of the Secret Santa stash) I pulled the bag open and took a whiff.
As I've stated many times, I don't get tin notes very well. I did get a vaguely vanilla-ish sensation, but far from the "kitchen" variety.
Heeding everyone's ghosting concerns, I chose the trusty "beater" pipe, a $10 eBay Baraccini smooth apple that usually performs well. It's had all kinds of stuff through it, so this impression may be tainted. I most often smoke VA/Bur's and "Lakeland-y" things in it. Never Latakia, though.
The tobacco is aged, although I don't recall how long Salted said he'd had it. From the large ziplock, it feels slightly moist but much drier that the average SG product at opening. Perfect for immediate use, in my opinion.

I took my fingers and held back the larger pieces and allowed the smaller stuff to fall to the bottom, which was used to fill the beater pipe.
It took several lights to get going. Initially, I was not getting much flavor.
Eventually, a cigar-like note emerged and the tonquin essence soon followed. Along with the tonquin, or maybe even as part of it (as I am new to this component), there was a slightly anise, tongue numbing effect. It was mild and complimented the ensemble. The vanilla note, again, was not as you might find in the kitchen, but much "drier", as in no real sweetness to speak of.
(Intermission: For the sake of science, I've loaded up a second bowl. I hope I don't regret it!) :puffy:
On lighting bowl #2, I am reminded a bit of my first experience with Peterson Irish Whiskey, which I somewhat jokingly dubbed my favorite vanilla tobacco after my first smoke. In keeping with the Peterson theme, the aforementioned anise component is reminiscent of University Flake.
A little Virginia sweetness is hidden in there, but one could overlook it. This is definitely NOT a sweet tobacco, which is a nice change. The burley is burley, not so nutty, but very much all business.
If tobaccos were people, these two guys would be the tough guys from the 30's, "interrogating" you in an alley. As tough as they are, there IS a smoothness to the whole affair. No bite, no harshness, and that ever present dry vanilla tonquin. I'm sure the age of this batch has toned that down a bit, which is fine with me.

The slightest gurgle was removed with a single pass about a third of the way through bowl #1 and bowl #2 has not required any such attention. Halfway through the second bowl, I can feel Lady Nic sneaking up behind me and I have gone to refill my ice water jug.
The periodic quick relight has kept an even coal going and the briar, even through the second round, has stayed comfortably warm.
Some of the reviews mentioned a "creaminess", which I often don't get, but the second half of bowl 2 has met this description. With the tonquin, there is the slightest custard quality waaay in the distance. Shoving my nose over the glowing ember confirms a still cigar-like essence that may disperse those bothersome family members, if needed. :lol:
This tobacco makes me think of how a neighborhood pool hall might have smelled in the 40's, with men in pinstriped suits and suspenders, rolling up their sleeves for the break. No skinny jeans allowed....
As the final bits ignite, a single hiccup lets me know that my work here is done. If you like burley, cigars, savory essences and can brave the tonquin, I suggest you give this a whirl.
Verdict: Get Some!



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
Awesome review, Jay! No skinny jeans allowed - that quote sums it up nicely.



Preferred Member
Dec 12, 2016
Man I am so tempted, although the tonquin is the reason I am skeptical. I never liked that spice, and I am afraid I would get the tin perhaps for a bowl or two and the rest will end up forgotten in a jar or something.



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
Had it ever been jarred? Could have lost some of its potency being only in the bag for that long. 1792 is one I like to go big with. This big Ben Wade is dedicated to it. But sadly I got no nic hit once again. :(



Preferred Member
Jan 5, 2018
Nice review. I like 1792 and its unflavored brother Lakeland Dark. He is the ugly guy with the scars and the tommy gun, where 1792 is the pin striped smooth talker.



Preferred Member
Jul 19, 2018
Nice review Jay. This one of the blends I've seriously eyeballed but not tried yet. You may have just talked me in to giving it a whirl.



Preferred Member
Jun 6, 2017
Cap'n, I'm pretty sure it was jarred until sold and shipped to me.
I remember Salted trying to unload the multiple cases of mason jars after his tobacco sale.
All of the stuff I got in bulk from him went back into jars. Some odds & ends bags, like this one, I kept out to play with. I bought one or two of the "sampler mixes", as well as a few bulks.



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Good review. 1792 is good stuff. I might suggest GH&co Dark Flake unscented and Black Twist sliced as other you might enjoy trying.



Preferred Member
Jun 6, 2017
Thanks, Salted.
Cosmic, I'm all over the Dark Flake Unscented. I could smoke nothing but that and be happy. I haven't had the Black Twist Sliced, although I have Black Irish X and Brown Irish X. Are they close?



Preferred Member
Apr 26, 2013
1792 is the only tobacco I ever actively disliked. Your review has reminded me that it has been 5 years and I need to try it again to see if it more palatable.



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Feb 13, 2013
Like wyfbane, I did not like it when I tried it, to put it mildly. It has sat undisturbed in a jar for 6 years; it might be worth another try.



New member
Dec 26, 2018
Very good tobacco, but - like Brown No. 4, Dark Flake, Lakeland Dark, etc ... - too strong for me. These tobaccos, unfortunately, I have precluded myself.



Preferred Member
Apr 1, 2014
If I could stomach past the tin-note - get a bowl packed without puking - and somehow put a match to it, I'd like to try it someday. But no can do. The stuff is nasty
Good review though !