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Preferred Member
Jul 21, 2015
So, RIP to McClelland 5100 for a little while, and props to the blenders for choosing not to ship underperforming leaf.
This means that those who love the Virginias might have to explore other types of this great leaf.
Personally, this makes me want to rip open a tin of Former Straight Grain Flake, even though it's a bright Virginia mix and not a red Virginia celebration like the McClelland...
And with the C&D bulks sale on at SPC, there may be a need to explore.



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
There are many Virginias out there. The bulk of my cellar is Virginia based blends, and 5100 is only 5 pounds of them. Hundreds if not thousands of other great blends are out there, enjoy the exploration!



Preferred Member
Dec 30, 2015
Sadly I never thought to cellar 5100. I wonder if the crop used for Red Cake will affect my favorite 2015? Regardless I like the idea of exploring new things and filling the cellar with new treasures.



Preferred Member
Oct 7, 2016
@josephcross, oh man, now I am really worried. I have been cellaring 2015 every time it goes on promotion on the theory that maybe one day Perique gets too expensive to waste on bulks. Now I have to worry about the Virginia!
The after Christmas promos can't get here soon enough!