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Senior Member
Nov 8, 2011
Louisville, Ky
My local B&M has a blend called "Shamrock & Thistle", it's the coolest smoking tobacco I've ever experienced...freakishly cool, so cool every puff from beginning to end can be exhaled through the nose with no irritation. The flavor is unique, I can't really place it, somewhere between creamy coffee and smokey pinewood.

I want to sent a sample to an experienced smoker to analyze this blend and tell me what magic is at work here! Maybe even write a review. Anybody up for the challenge? Anyone?? :puffy:



Junior Member
Feb 7, 2014
I'm new to this forum, and I hope it's OK to resurrect an old thread. I just picked up some of this from a local cigarette store, (it was the only pipe tobacco they had that wasn't strongly aromatic). I spoke with the owner and he said he ordered it awhile ago from Altadis, but he didn't know much about pipe tobacco. On the Altadis site it is listed as an English Blend, but without any more info.
Anyway, I smoked it for the first time this morning and really like it as well. I've been smoking Black Cavendish, which I like the smell of but it doesn't have much flavor for me. The T&S has a lot more flavor and I really like it. I'm not an experienced pipe tobacco taster but I picked up a mildly spicy, slightly smokey birch flavor to mine with a pleasing but not strongly aromatic room-note. I would like to find out more about it to see what I may like that's similar.