Erik Stokkebye 1855

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Apr 12, 2013
I'm not one to really write reviews as I believe that one person's gold is another person's trash, but considering I've been on a smoking bender of late, I finally cracked open a tin of 1855. Since a lot of people have been asking about it, and that it's relatively new, I thought I would mention it here. Please don't criticize the words, as, again, I will say it's not really a review, but rather just a few notes on what I experienced.
Tin note: Wow, I really liked this smell right from the tin. To me it smells as though I just opened a Terry's Chocolate Orange (you know, the chocolate from Christmas time that looks and tastes like an orange?) Plums, and definitely a Virginian smell to it. I can only say that it smells better than an Orlik Golden Sliced, but not as pungent as OGS.
Tin Pack: It's packed in there pretty tightly, and when they say broken flake, it really is a mashed up version of a huge flake...I had to peel away and break/partially rub out just to get it from tin to jar. Moisture level for me was perfect, and as I was tearing apart the 'brick' of flake, it turns out that the flake strands are rather long. If you were to rub out a Dunhill Flake, the strands are relatively thin and easy to separate. Not here...the strands are not only long, but seem to want to stay together.
Colour: It's exactly what you expect:, a nice chocolatey swirl with a deep gold.
Taste: Wow. I like this. I am a big fan of this tobacco, and after five bowls, I find that I will add this to my growing cellar of tobacco. Right now I have three 3.5 oz tins and I think this just bumped Dunhill Flake for me. I find Dunhill Flake to be rather empty, but 1855; well, this is another story. The smoke is creamy and rich, and I taste as though I'm sipping some great mocha tobacco. Now this might not be for everyone, and they might not get the flavours I'm mentioning, but to put it another way: Take one part OGS, one part DLF, add a chocolate bar, and some coffee and you get this rich sweet, mocha/orangey smoke that I wish wouldn't end. It's not that it's mind blowingly good, it just hits my palette just right with those flavours. Erinmore's too lemony. OGS' too orangey (but one of my favourites). DLF is to bland (but still in my rotation. 1855 is juuuust right. I personally like this, and if you get a chance, give it a try and comment on whether you taste the same. The tin's too young to appreciate with age, but I can't wait for a year to try this again and come back to these comments.
I've posted a pic so you can see the colour/strand/flake...



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Jul 31, 2010
Bethlehem, Pa.
I had my first bowl of this today at the B&M. I'm not a straight Va guy but this stuff was excellent. I smoked it in my Nording Signature and really enjoyed it.



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Oct 11, 2012
There are some full reviews from myself ( and Adam ( on all 4 of the blends.