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New member
Dec 7, 2015
Bought some EITC officers club cause it was on sale. Gotta say as far as I'm concerned if you like rum then this is gonna be up your alley. Fair warning, it's wet, I mean the paper in the tin is soaked. The smell you get right out of the tin is almost overwhelming, strong and distinct. I give it around 20 minutes to dry out right out of the Tin when I first got it and it smoked clean and straight through. I was supposed for how wet it was it didn't go out on me. I have since jarred it and it has smoked great. The post smoke smell it left in my mustache left me sitting there with a great reminder of how tastes this tobacco was. The flavored I got while smoking were the obvious rum, followed up with some Vhinella and then molasses.
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Junior Member
Feb 25, 2016
One of my favorites, and it gets great reviews from family when I smoke it.



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
Haven't tried it yet, but love the 'stache note rum blends leave. May have to pick some up!



Preferred Member
Nov 3, 2013
I have tried the other two, but not Officers Club. I guess I'll have to try it now....
What I like to do with the East India tobaccos is mix them with some Black Frigate, or Blockade Runner when I want a little lighter sweeter smoke but still want the strong flavors of these. (sorry Duane, I know this seems like heresy). Of the two I've tried, I like Cellar Reserve the best, so I'll have to see how the Officers Club compares when I get it.



Senior Member
Oct 20, 2011
I bought some of the Cellar Reserve but have been looking at the Officer's Club. Your review only adds to my TAD. Thanks!

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Preferred Member
Dec 7, 2011
+1 with Michael Mirza! Cellar Reserve is scrumptious! An aro with a peek of perique! Makes me want to try Officer's Club and the other one as well! (Sorry... can't remember it's name at the moment. Another goldang senior moment... again...) Where was I?



Jan 19, 2016
About a month ago, I ordered the Rum Punch sampler tins from EITC. It included Cellar Reserve, Officer's Club, and Royal Challenge. I was made aware of this great tobacco when I received the Cellar Reserve in my Tobacco of the Month from P&C. I have tried all of them except Royal Challenge. I would highly recommend them if you like the rum soaked tobacco!