Dunhill Shell Briar Pot (R) (US Patent) (Vernon Tenon) (1933)

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This is a rare find. Indeed, this Dunhill Patent-era Pot boasts an impressive history, and to imagine it has survived over 80 years, to wind up on my desk in such remarkable condition, is enough to give me pause. It was originally fashioned in 1933: the year Prohibition ended, construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge, and the year President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102, making it illegal for any individual within the continental U.S. to retain more than 5 ounces worth of gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates.
It was also two years after the Vernon tenon was patented, the novel aluminum tenon sported by the stem of this seasoned beauty. The only shame of this one's story is that Dunhill didn't establish the "Shell Ring Grain" and "Shilling" grades until much later in their history. This one would have surely been in the running, with almost perfectly concentric rows riding all around the bowl, not to mention a distinct rippling pattern along the shank. The condition is still impressive, given its vintage, with a little rim darkening, and a chamber that has been reamed slightly larger. The walls are still reassuringly thick, and if you take the time to finish reading this, it might be gone.
— Daniel Bumgardner
I promised myself not to get any pipe in 2016. Then this pipe showed up on Smoking Pipes. Well I lasted 4 months......almost. Sorry Adam, I'll send yer payment next month, lol.

My grandfather was 7 years old when this pipe was crafted.





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Mar 18, 2014
I was looking at that one, nice score. They are right that 40 years later it would have been a ring grain or a shilling.



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May 25, 2012
That a great way to fall off the wagon!
I've never seen a Vernon Tenon that wasn't A) smooth and B) had a cumberland stem. That's a pretty rare piece.



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Nov 3, 2013
Oh my, that's a purdy pipe! I'm not a nut for Dunhills, but that is a really great looking pipe. Congrats!



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@Doc This pipe tempted me for a full week before I gave in. The force was strong with this one. I was hoping someone would buy it but none did. :crying:
@beef Would love to see yours !! & have I bought any pipes from you on ebay?
@pitch I am not aware of the history of vernon tenon the last one I saw sold for $600 on ebay and it was a smooth one.
@billkay @Al Thanks Gentlemen
@Orley The pipe was made when my grandfather was a small child himself (7). I would rather spend money on historical pipes like this than on the new Dunnies. Cant find a blast like this on Dunhills anymore.
Please feel free to post your favorite Dunnies in the comments please.
In the end I must confess that I bought the pipe because I got a 4th raise in 2 years from my work place and also received a $1000 6 months performance bonus. After paying the same amount in taxes the bonus was a relief as I was literally broke 2 days ago.
I feel guilty because I still need to send coins to Adama aka Clicklick for the Authors he made for me. I hope he understands PAD lol and will forgive me for a little more delay.

Chris :puffpipe:



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Jan 4, 2015
Well if your going to buy a pipe that certainly is a beauty. Of course visiting pipe vending sites probably doesn't do much for your resolve. Great grab, enjoy.