Dunhill Blends are now Charatan?

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Senior Member
Feb 21, 2016
Corfu Greece
they have been available since well before the announcement last week,so i dont think these are the ones being announced as produced by STC

Especially as the statement read that the naming rights had been bought as well as the tin art.



New member
May 19, 2010
There are several Dunhill blends I enjoy. Look forward to trying several if they become available in USA. We shall see.



Jul 15, 2018
The way I first read it was Charatan is just a company that decided to replicate the Dunhill blends since they were no longer available. I would imagine their decision to put these out may have been different had they known STG was buying the brand.
But after rereading it, I’m a little confused due to not knowing who “Tor” is.



Preferred Member
Jun 15, 2013
The formerly Dunhill branded blends are now Peterson, when they're not Charatan, or Wellnauer, or Robert McConnell.
Sources say they're all versions of 1Q just in different tins.
The blends are said to made in a number of bathtubs scattered throughout the Bronx.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I suspect there will be a lot of grumbling no matter how close (or not) the blends are to the last "Dunhill" versions. People don't like change, even a little change, and much of the tasting experience happens in the mind. It will take some time for people to be either won over or alienated. I hope they wash out those bathtubs in the Bronx first. I don't want too overt a change in flavor.

Jun 9, 2018
I believe TOR were the people who imported The Dunhill blends into the UK and when Dunhill said they were stopping production they came up with the Charatan homages as a replacement.

I've tried 3 of the blends namely Flake, Black Flake and Rolls and the Flake and Rolls were very tasty, I didn't care for the Black Flake though.

Their closeness (or lack thereof) to the Dunhill blends varied, the Black Flake was nowhere near as nice as Dark Flake and the Rolls were quite different due to having a black cavendish core. You could tell they're made of high quality components and I'll be cellaring some of the Rolls and Flake.

I wonder whether the demand will be there for the Charatan blends once the Dunhill STG are in stock, I hope so.



New member
Jun 5, 2019
Los Gatos, CA
Tobacco isn't shipping out of the UK, to the US, any way. So, unless you have a friend and want to pony up for shipping, might as well wait for STG to get back to producing now that the legal waiting period seems to be up. At this point, I gathered up enough Dunhill Flake to last me for a few years and by then, I'll be on to something else. I'm sure I'll still take the "Pepsi" challenge when these show up.