Dunhill A25000

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Jun 28, 2011
I've been trying different blends in my cellar to give me a break from smoking Blue Note all the time. I have some Dunhill A25000 that I noticed the other day and decided to try it again since I haven't smoked it in at least 5 years. I couldn't get through a half bowl, this stuff was biting hard. I finally had to dump it and load up some Blue Note. It was all I had at the moment as I was driving to town. Does anyone know what it's topped or cased with? Could it be cause it's old? I thought tobacco was supposed to mellow out over time. I don't know if I should trash it or try it again in five years.



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Dec 12, 2012
I feel 100% certain that A21000 was NOT Lane's 1Q. I picked up three tins of it at the Manhattan Dunhill store -- back when Dunhill stores sold tobacco -- and found it be a very vanilla-forward aromatic in a very fine, cigarette-like cut. It tended to burn hot and bite, but, if cared for, it could deliver a fairly satisfying smoke. In my experience, it was nothing like 1Q. (But it was better than MacBaren's Vanilla Creme, which I'd also tried around the same time.)
It also cost $25/tin. (Not a Dunhill-production tin, though; these were almost like decorative metal canisters, with a sealed bag inside.)