Do You Want More Or Fewer Pipes

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Feb 21, 2013
This is a slightly zany question, but would you like more or fewer pipes than you currently own? In one sense, we all have exactly the number we want, looking forward to getting more or happy with exactly the number we have. But have you accumulated more than interest you? Or do you feel deficient and wish for a few or many more? Even though I rotate all my pipes, I probably have a third to half more than I can regularly enjoy fully, though I do like the feeling of discovering a neglected pipe that I enjoy smoking. On the other hand, it would take me a long time to decide on, say, five to get ride of, sell or donate. The question applies if you have 300 or more pipes, or three, since it is as much about your relationship with your pipes as the quantity. Would you unload some if you could? Or is it the more the merrier?



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Aug 9, 2013
I don't understand the question. I understand the concept of "more", but "unload"? Content, contentious, contempt, contemptuous, more, more, more.

I don't continue to collect to "have" more pipes. I continue to keep others from getting more than me. The one with the most at the end wins. This is how life works... according to games, all games ever... except golf.



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Feb 21, 2016
Corfu Greece
I am currently in exactly this position.I am trying to downsize from approximately 60 to about 25-30.I can then rotate them all within 1 month.

I find I tend to smoke the same ones and neglect others.Hence the for sale ads here.



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Aug 29, 2017
I have always focused on the tobacco so I would say maybe a few more pipes over the years.I would say I spend a few hundred on tobacco a month. Whenever I see a pipe I like over $200 I think how much tobacco I can buy and go that route. I feel pipes will always be around and will drop in price once the eventual no shipping of tobacco route happens.



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Nov 7, 2018
I have about 40 pipes. I do not need anymore in number for my needs but will swap out some I consider not very good smokers.



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May 26, 2012
United States
I am always in the market for another Rad Davis pipe. I am also looking for other artisan pipes that fit my strict criteria. On Sunday I won an auction and it is the first pipe I have bought in well over a year.



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Sep 11, 2018
I have 12 pipes currently (2 more are on their way) but I always sell pipes which I don't like, get bored of or has issues. By my experience the ideal amount is around 15 pipes, it is enough for rotation, variety and it is not too many so I can use all of them almost equally. So just to answer, sometimes I want more (most of the time) and sometimes I want less. I'm trying to balance and keep the collection at around 15-20



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Jun 15, 2013
Compared to many, my collection is pretty modest. Still I know that I have WAY more pipes than I need, strictly speaking. So I made the decision, late last year, to stop buying pipes.
Which is why I recently bought 4 Pre-War Ben Wade Leeds era pipes, 2 Comoys DeLuxe, and A cased set of Barling pots.
I feel MUCH better now...



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Feb 21, 2013
Most of us swear off buying pipes, until we don't. Twenty were all the pipes I'd ever need, but that was years ago.



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Jan 5, 2018
I have 11 pipes in rotation. I have a few more that I don't smoke. Most of them just turned out not to fit my clench. I don't need more pipes, but I'm sure I'll buy some more. I'm really not very interested in them. I just want them to look appealing to me and be good smokers. I'll never end up with a large collection.



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Apr 30, 2014
I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here.
I once had over 30 pipes... mainly Petes, Savinellis, Stanwells, Radices and Castellos. A few health issues last year changed my ways a bit and I ended up selling all but the Castellos. With just those 4, I don't seem to be missing much.
Mind you, this doesn't mean I won't add another Castello here or there and that Pete 103 ebony spigot still speaks to me but, at this stage of my run, I seem to enjoy the simplicity of things a bit more.



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Jul 30, 2016
I have enough pipes. I might have "too many". Any pipe I purchase from here on out will be carefully vetted and stu......look squirrel.
Okay, I guess I needed one more.



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Oct 25, 2013
100 artisan pipes was where I wanted to stop. I have 104, so I need to unload 4 pipes.



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Jan 8, 2013
100 artisan pipes was where I wanted to stop. I have 104, so I need to unload 4 pipes.
Or... you could go for 200. You only have 196 to go :mrgreen:
I definitely have more than I need. But there are still so many others I wish to add to my collection. I'm afraid it will never stop.



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Jul 10, 2018
I don't need more pipes, I don't want more pipes, I don't mean to keep buying pipes, but they're kinda like stray puppies and I'm just to weak to say no. :crazy:



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Sep 13, 2013
I want neither. If I run across a pipe, which catches my eye, I might purchase it.