December Major TAD a Harris/Peck Experience

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Preferred Member
Dec 28, 2012
My December TAD has all arrived and it’s almost a Harris/Peck experience. I jar many things and can see why they mostly buy tins. Every Christmas I receive gifts from my children that’s really nothing I need. This year the better plan was printing out the shopping cart for 4Noggins and giving it to them saying “everyone pick a couple and send it in”. I decided to spread the love across all the vendors so listed what and who after the pic of my crazy year-end buying TAD! I did add my SS and a gift as all part of my December try/cellar. Sorry for picture quality, old phone and I suck at taking pictures.


2lbs of H&H AK (of course)

8oz. of Rolando’s own

16oz of H&H Louisiana Red

16oz of Haddo’s Delight

4 tins of Escudo

2 100g tins of Solani 633

250g box of FVF

250g box of BBF

100g Rattray’s Marlin Flake

1 tin of Rotary Luxury Navy Cut

1 tin of Capstan Flake Blue

1 tin of Astley’s No. 109

1 tin of Brigham Klondike Gold

1 tin of Pease Navigator

1 tin of Three Nuns

100g MC Dark Star

100g Orlik Golden sliced

100g MB Roll Cake

8oz Pease Cumberland

4oz 4Noggins Weybridge

4oz 4Noggins Prairie Wind

1 tin 2006 MC Beacon

1 tin 2007 MC Beacon

1 tin 2006 Pease Laurel Heights

1.5lbs of PS Luxury Bull’s Eye Flake (Hell free shipping and $10, 1.5lbs for $35)

I know it’s not Escudo or LNR but when aged a couple years it becomes a nice smoke.
Local B&M

2 tins Pease Jackknife Plug
And had to add my gifts.
My great SS *rawr*

An awesome Windjammer Billiard that smokes great!

1 tin of Blakeney’s Tawny Flake

1 tin of Villager 1888 Late Night

1 jar with about 75g of STONEHAVEN!

My great friend

50g of 2007 STONEHAVEN!
Ace Hardware and Newegg

A new scale because I stepped on my old one and broke it. 3 flats of 8oz jars to spend a day jarring :crazy:
Well it’s been one long year of building a decent cellar. It really hurt the wallet, but worth it in the end. :roll: Now I’ll be finishing my shop and getting some nice wood by taking a tobacco-buying break. I will be grabbing some Klondike and Capstan, as they won’t last long :puffy: and of course the great Stonehaven hunt :crying:
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and good health and times for the New Year! :clap:



Staff member
May 11, 2013
Aaaaah Grasshopper...You try to imitate the Master Peck or Harris...but you FAIL! Your delivery arrived through UPS or even worse- USPS- they can only take delivery via Freight Lines and must have a forklift standing by to unload their weighty hauls...Craig-son, you must disappear to the mountain in a cloud of smoke and only return when you are worthy....:)



Staff member
May 11, 2013
A "Harris/Peck Experience"?
Sounds like a decent horror flick to me. :wink:
I'm not sure there would be anything "decent" about it...:)



Preferred Member
Dec 28, 2012
:rofl: Zack. I shall return to the frenzy in the summer, calling forth blends by the crate. Well multiple sleeves anyways :wink: This year of fevered building too many things at once has drained my soul and bank account :crying: So now with the New Year my attention will focus on finishing the shop and travel in a cloud of smoke - to the warmth, no mountains they're cold. I'll then return to tobacco with a roar! I shall still be on the hunt for the illusive and hope the government continues it's usual pace of dragging their feet.
Still jarring, I think it's true tins from now on. :crazy:



Preferred Member
Jun 27, 2012
Too bad you don't like Virginias.
Craig. That's a beastly haul. Hey do me a favor and let me know when you dip into the aged Beacon. I really enjoy it's tang, but I also wonder if getting any age on it mellows that out too far. I've got a few squirreled away.
Also. I hate to "If you like'll love Tudor Castle!" But yeah if you like Beacon I think you'd probably enjoy Tudor Castle. It's got a similar base but a cedar, incense like "taste" to it.
Fact, if you want PM me your address if you want a nip. Anyone who wants one actually.



Preferred Member
Nov 6, 2012
Nice! I noticed the LBF too. Awesome smoke, I have a whole box with a year on it that I may dig into soon.



Preferred Member
Oct 6, 2009
Nice haul and great idea! I'll have to try that next year with our kids!



Preferred Member
Jun 10, 2013
Very generous of your friends/family Craig. Good idea to print out the shopping cart for them.
Also, let's not glorify certain members because their financial capabilities are larger than some.
It's not the size of your cellar, it's how much you appreciate what ya got.



Preferred Member
Dec 5, 2012
Bronx, NY
What an excellent idea and a successful completion. Congrats to you
I don't think that the wallet size is the issue here.
This is forum is all in good fun, and in good fun we often single out Harris and peck because they have chosen to spend their discretionary funds on storing tobacco instead of other hobbies or activities, just to Mention two possibilities
All in good fun, IMHO



Preferred Member
Jun 30, 2013
Fantastic - in particular the pound of Haddos and 250g of Best Brown!