Crumble Cake Tobacco

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Jan 31, 2011
So I took the plunge and purchased my first crumble cake tobacco. (Briar Fox) I got it in the mail today and it wasn't a day to soon. I have the next two days off work and it was nice to crumble a bit off and kick my feet up and watch it rain. I love this tobacco and I really think it is in the top 5 of my favorites.
Thinking of all of this though has me questioning why crumble cake. I saw a youtube video on how to make your own and I was wondering if changed tobacco's at al or just made them more compact. I have a tin of tobacco here that I call my bastard blend, I just sweep any extra tobacco into the tin the happens to fall to the table when I'm loading my pipe. I may just press it into a cake if it will change the qualities of the tobacco.



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Jun 2, 2010
I'm sure the pressing process does have an effect on the tobacco. Penzance is one of the most memorable crumble cakes I have ever smoked. Unlike other crumble cakes though, it is not ribbon cut and then pressed into a cake. It literally crumbles to bits when rubbed. Makes loading very easy. just crumble, gravity fill like pebbles into a glass, lightly tamp and smoke.



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Nov 7, 2011
I was curious about crumble cake....I am contemplating the purchase of Cornell&Diehl Blockade Runner. I am a novice pipe smoker but the reviews I have read have gotten me closer to taking the plunge and purchasing...



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Jan 1, 2011
I have a few crumble cakes that I enjoy on a regular basis.

They are all H&H blends. Classic Burley Kake, Anniversary Kake, and Marble Kake.
Best ones out there for my money.

Per Russ Ouellette:

Crumble Cake-

1) A pressed tobacco using cut tobacco rather than raw leaf. It is then sliced so it can be prepared however the smoker prefers- rubbing out, chopping, folding and stuffing, etc.

2) What happens on a pipe smoker’s birthday because there are too many candles on it.
The process marries the flavors of the constituent tobaccos, producing a more even blend.



Nov 3, 2010
It is a way to get different tobacco to "marry" or meld together quicker than if they were just left loose together. I am sure Greg P could add some additional reasoning for crumblecake. I believe it also jumpstarts the fermentation process, but I am not sure of that.