Cross-Brain Dominance in Pipe Smoking

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Jul 24, 2013
This one requires a little preamble, so stick with me: back when I was in my late twenties working a horrendous job with a hand truck, the foreman expressed surprise that I was able to manipulate the hand truck with either hand with equal agility. This was the first time I became aware that I had a so-called cross dominance in my brain whereas I could use my left hand with nearly the same dexterity as the right, dominant hand. In later years, teaching art, I would freak my students out by drawing something on the chalkboard, then telling them if their arm got tired, switch to the other arm, which is what I did on the board. Now, years later, I notice that I handle my pipe with either hand; when the bowl gets too hot I switch to the other hand. Is this cross dominance or do all pipers do this?



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Aug 19, 2013
I am right handed but left eye dominate. I shoot a rifle left handed but my handgun I hold in my right hand and aim with my left eye. I play pool left handed also. I can also play golf left handed but I normally don't. I shift my pipe from right to left at times but clinch it on the left side of my mouth.



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Dec 11, 2012
I'm right-side dominant (right eye for shooting, right hand for writing, right foot for kicking a ball), but I'm also a musician and occasional martial artist, so I've done a certain amount of training to use both sides/hands for certain tasks - and I find that while I almost invariably light my pipe with my right hand (better at the fine motor skills, especially with matches), I'll puff away on either side, manipulating the pipe with either hand and gesticulating from time to time...



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May 26, 2012
United States
I clench on the right side of my mouth at all times. I am left handed and write lefty, play basketball lefty, tennis lefty, throw a baseball and football lefty but bat righty, play golf righty, kick and punt a football righty, soccer righty, hockey righty, lacrosse righty.



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Jul 31, 2010
Bethlehem, Pa.
I'm right handed but clicnh on the left and hold my pipe in my left hand. Perhaps the greatest example of corss-brained working is President Rutherford B. Hayes; he could write simultaneously with both hands. One writing in Latin while the other in Greek. Must have made meeting notes a real chore for his staff.



Aug 12, 2013
I think the best word for this post would be ambidextrous tendencies, not real sure what cross brain thing means. As a college baseball star I hit switch, from both sides of the plate, could throw with both arms, catch, write, anything. This is called ambidextrous.



May 13, 2012
Interesting subject. I write (poorly) with my right hand. I need a left handed rifle but can use a pistol in either hand and I am left eye dominant. I wonder if enjoyment of nicotine has something to do with mixed dominance.



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Feb 21, 2013
I'm intrigued so many Forums members have strong facility with their non-dominant hand, eye, or foot.

When I was starting seventh grade, I broke my right wrist in an acrobatics stunt (another story). I wrote,

poorly, with my left hand for about two months. With a pipe, I smoke on either side of my mouth but

use my right hand to strike matches, clean out the bowl, work the pipe cleaner, etc. I'm a typical right-

handed person. The one great benefit of breaking my right wrist was that it gave me an excuse to quit

violin lessons, which I did not enjoy.