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Preferred Member
Oct 7, 2011
Chicago, IL
I am one of the pipe smokers who also enjoys Cigars. However, I went to a private out of state Undergraduate school, worked as a substitute music teacher for 18 months, and am now getting a Graduate degree at a private school in Chicago, with only maybe 4-6 gigs a months....SO - cigars don't happen often. I instead smoke these:

Here's an idea of how big they are. They are good BTW. Not as creamy and oily as a big maduro wrapped full sized, but still enough of that spicy cigar flavor to hold me over from time to time.

Anyway, I've been looking for a tobacco pouch that I like, and that's easy to toss in a jacket pocket for sometime. Finally I realized I had tons of these empty tins lying around, and Voila!

That's Key Largo BTW, the tins been open for awhile so there aren't any full flakes left, but it's still super delicious. :puffy:



Preferred Member
Dec 8, 2010
Cool. I've reused pipe tobacco tins in the same way; it works as long as you only have a day's supply in there...



Senior Member
Sep 23, 2012
i do the same thing, i put pipe tobac in some old tin. usually a small tin that fits into a pocket. lately i have been wanting a good zip pouch, with some sort of old time logo on the outside of the pouch, like swr ch h+h. i have been in contact with a forum member hobojoe, and he is considering making a pouch of the same. tins come in handy as tobac pouches.
take care.




Preferred Member
Sep 27, 2012
Upland, CA.
You need a poncho and a Colt SAA to go with those cheroots.

I love how Clint would have the same one in his mouth all day and would never get smaller or go out... hell he could probably swim through a river and come out on the other end with it still lit. :rofl:



Preferred Member
Feb 12, 2012
If your baccy is a bit wet, or if you're planning on leaving it in there more than a day, I think I would line it with a coffee filter. Should eliminate any chance of sticking or rusting.



Preferred Member
May 15, 2010
i just put mine in zip lock baggies then stuff in a cheap plaid tobacco pouch. i can put in several different blends and slide it in my hip pocket...



Preferred Member
Jul 26, 2012
This is how I carry mine:

Baccy is dried some on the coffee filter, wrapped like a burrito, put back into a pouch and then into a glasses case I got at Wal Mart or the Dollar Store (don't recall). The spring closure holds it all well and there's room for a tamper, lighter, and maybe even a beater/cob if I so desire.



New member
Jun 30, 2012
I used to use an Altoids tin when I first got in this game. It worked fairly well until I forgot it in my car (filled with Walgreens Cough Syrup tobacco) for a few days. It grossed me out so much I vowed never to let tobacco touch bare metal again.