Country Squire - BriarWorks Trunk Show 2017 - Pics

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Nov 3, 2013
My wife and I were lucky enough to get to this show because it was in the daytime. (yeah, old people don't like to drive at night) We had a great time and got to meet lots of new pipe smoking friends, along with Pete Provost who along with his wife put up a nice selection of pipes to choose from. I already have a couple of their pipes so I was going to let my wife pick one out. Well, she couldn't make up her mind, she being fussy about what shape and finish she likes, but when she finally did, it was already sold. Jon was a gracious host and made sure everyone had what they needed, and pretty soon the cocktails started flowing. (Moscow Mules) I kept piling up stuff I wanted to buy, and a couple of hours later when the Makers Mark got brought in, we decided it was time to leave as I didn't want to be tempted, what with a 90 mile drive going home. Orlette decided to try a Savinelli unfinished bent pot that met with her approval, so we paid for our goodies, and made our way home.
Thanks to Jon and Pete and everyone else that made this show so much fun. I'm sure we'll make it down there again sometime not too far in the future.
Pete Provost with his goodies.

Jon and the rest of the gang.

Our haul, not real big, but some good stuff, including a bag of Jon's custom made Bag End (not to be confused with end of the bag, but rather one of his blends in a Scottish style. He got a small old charred whiskey barrel and soaked it with Makers Mark, then stuffed it with the Bag End tobacco and sealed it up for a year. Limited amounts available, but I managed to grab a bag. Smells great, gonna give it try today.



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May 6, 2011
Yes, they have done a real nice of turning the place into a destination.