Comoy freehand

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May 28, 2014

I picked this off ebay the other day for £12 when it caught my eye. It was clear from the price that it was a later and undesirable pipe from the wrong era, so I thought I would share a few observations on it. The bowl is really nice with no fills or blemishes with some birds eye and flame and I really cant fault that. The stem on the otherhand is terrible. Thick plastic exactly like a pre drilled kit stem, which are very poor. It feels horrible like a toy robots leg, the logo looks like a glued on sticker and its a 9 mm filter. The finish is really nice but by old Comoy standards ordinary. Hope this is of some interest.




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May 11, 2011
There is definitely a drop off to the Cadogan era pipes but I've had a few that smoke surprisingly well. I think your investment is about $20 US, so even if it is a stinker, that's not tragic. Let us know!