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Oct 23, 2015
My wife and I were chatting today about pipes and tobaccos, and how both of us enjoy various aspects of the hobby. She a non-smoker sits with me outside and enjoys the aroma and quiet time, where I am enjoying the tactile nature of the pipe and the mental aspect of the process.
As we chatted, it came to me that neither of us has a pipe smoker in our immediate background that led me down this path. As an Army brat, the closest thing I had was a cigar smoking uncle who had a few stale pipes in his barrister bookcase. I used to smell the bowls and clamp down pretending I was Popeye. I would only see him on average about one week out of any given year before he died. Of course like many a kid in the 60's, I had the plastic bubble pipe with my favorite being the upper class blue/white pattern. The stems had such an open blow that you could get a big bubble or with a bit of extra oomph, the "lava flood" of bubbles.
We concluded our discussion in agreement that even though neither of us had any background with pipes, the pipe brought around some strangely familiar and comforting sensation. It is as if some long ago experience transcended to our subconscious and said, "Relax."
Ok, that's all the poetic I can wax tonight.
Puff on pipe family.



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May 6, 2016
West Texas
Enjoying you'r pipe and a conversation with someone that you care about.... you have discovered the meaning of life :clap:



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Apr 26, 2012
Washington State
Bubble pipes were great. I had several of those as a kid. I was surprised to see one in a bubble pack I got my kids a few years ago.
I to never had anyone in the family that smoked a pipe, but I did have a Great Uncle that smoked Dutch Master cigars when I was a kid. We would see him and my Grandmother for about a week or two every few years as they lived in Arizona and I in Washington State. I always remember him with a beer or a drink in his hand, and just being relaxed and enjoying the afternoon and his cigar. When ever I smell a Dutch Master's cigar or one similar to them I always think of my Great Uncle.
Of course about a year ago I learned that my dad smoked a pipe for a few months couple years before I was born, but gave up on it as he dealt with many of the struggles that most beginners come here to get help with.
I to find pipe smoking to be comforting and very relaxing. Whether I'm visiting with a friend, or just listening to music by myself in my shop on on my patio; to me it's like I'm resetting my brain. Of course I much prefer to smoke my pipes with a friend.



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Dec 24, 2010
North Carolina
During the summer my wife and I sit on the porch.We have a table and chairs out there.We feed the birds and watch them eat.She doesn't complain about my pipe unless the wind blows smoke in her face,and I don't smoke what she calls that stinky stuff (Heavy Latakia) when she's there.

Sep 1, 2015
Winston Salem, NC
I found a bubble pipe that I used to have as a kid while cleaning out my grandparent's house. It now has a special place in my pipe cabinet. There is a quote out there somewhere that I can't remember about the pipe soothing the soul. My pipe definitely does that for me.



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Feb 21, 2013
My grandfather, Dad's dad, had a tobacco jar pipe rack by his chair, and my Dad smoked a pipe continuously, no rotation, always Granger. I eventually inherited the tobacco jar pipe rack. My Uncle Roger also smoked a pipe and had a complete rotation and clay pipes for guests. Dad would not be favorable nor amused by how many pipes I own. He quit cold turkey at age about 65, passed on at 89 licensed to drive without glasses.

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